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Veronica: Me at night remembering every awkward and/or upsetting interaction I’ve ever had

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

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*cups hands to mouth* Your life decisions are bad and you should feel bad!

Jim Avery  

Comment ID #21529

Mike needs a fresh start


Comment ID #21530

Time to reload from the last save.


Comment ID #21531

I think he definitely had feeling for lucy before but his feeling for sandy outweighed them. Now that this whole thing with sandy is shattered, i wonder if his previous feelings for lucy are starting to shine through. Not saying he has feelings for lucy right now but i think he used to and just pushed it down, now they are rising to the surface and he has no choice but to deal with it.

Brittany ann  

Comment ID #21532

It doesn't really help that he fairly recently got involved with her again. All these conflicting feelings are getting to him even more.


Comment ID #21533

If he has feelings for both: time to give polyamory a try?


Comment ID #21534

Mike needs to clear up a LOT of air with everyone, but will it go well? Only time will tell!


Comment ID #21535

Well, well, well... how the turn tables.


Comment ID #21536

Also these houses look so freaking lovely, wth! Beautiful art.


Comment ID #21537

That‘s right, Mike >:[


Comment ID #21538

Guilt can create some AMAZING jump scares.

Phoebe Zeitler  

Comment ID #21539

HA f you Mike


Comment ID #21540

This page is so damn good, love the colors and the GUILT which is super relatable from when I was a stupid kid too :P

Maybelle Conrad  

Comment ID #21541

Blueeeeee, dark with the night sky :)!!

Maybelle Conrad  

Comment ID #21542

The colors are so good here


Comment ID #21543

Lucy: Ughhhhh yourself jerkface!

Mike: What are you doing in my room?

Lucy: To watch you suffer.

Mike: >:(

Lucy: :)


Comment ID #21544

Seriously what did she /do/ with Francis

Mobius Gopherhole  

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