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115. Track Meet, page posted 6/10/22

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Track Meet — Page 15

Author commentary

Veronica: There is a very specific cute boy to stare at, actually…

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

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Paulo IS a cute boy :o

Haruhi Hatake  

Comment ID #21182

So which of the cute boys is Paulo watching :3c


Comment ID #21183

Oh Paulo, you're so oblivious


Comment ID #21184

Paulo: Daisy still likes you, Mike!

Mike: I know!

Daisy: PAULO!!!!


Comment ID #21185

maybe you’re here…for someone ELSE???


Comment ID #21186

Daisy's too flustered to catch Paulo's slip-up: if that's why he assumed she's here, why's PAULO here, hmm?


Comment ID #21187

i think her expression in the last panel is her still catching it


Comment ID #21188

You could be right! I interpreted it as Daisy sizing up if it's a good time to confess her feelings to Paulo, then noticing that he looks sad. It could very well be both. Thanks for saying!


Comment ID #21189

Emperor Palpatine to Daisy, “Doooo it!”

Audrey Wilson  

Comment ID #21190

Daisy is gonna be the one who, twenty years later, still is single because she loves everyone.

Phoebe Zeitler  

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Caroline Rhea  

Comment ID #21192

The art and expressions are out of this world lately. I remember thinking around "Unspoken Rule" that the art couldn't get much better, it was peak. Now I look back and marvel at the notion. That's how I feel now, so where will we end up? I'm truly in awe.


Comment ID #21193

This chapter CONTINUES to be amazing. I'm actively sympathyzing with Paulo again! That's quite a feat! These moments of vulnerability and genuine joking around with friend without hurting her feelings help me see him as more than just an ignorant womanizer, as someone who's been reading the comic since around 2011.

Maybelle Conrad  

Comment ID #21194

I love Daisy ~ she's so cute and smart. Her emotional intelligence grows more every time we see her.


Comment ID #21195

Also, her and James would make the cutest curlist kittens ever!


Comment ID #21196

I mean, he's always been nice to Daisy, but he also tends to treat her like an innocent child in their friendship. That's not fair to her at all! So, I think these pages are showing a continued positive shift in Paulo's character, and that's good esp for readers who couldn't see his side before. (like me lolol)

Maybelle Conrad  

Comment ID #21197

daisy can tell that paulo head is in somewhere else outside of anything that is happening right now.


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