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Veronica: Riveting anecdotes, Sandy! Very interesting conversation.

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

Comments from Patreon

Comment ID #20868

damned daniel


Comment ID #20869

Dump her ass, idiot


Comment ID #20870

I worry she said something drastic, only to get a LOL is returne


Comment ID #20871

he’s gonna say something to her


Comment ID #20872

I want to know what they're saying! D:


Comment ID #20873

Mmm we love some parallels


Comment ID #20874

Oh…her arm :( these two just keep circling around each other, concerned and sad but too wounded and afraid to try and reach out again. Sad to watch.

Michelle M.  

Comment ID #20875

Well... that was a quick 180.


Comment ID #20876

I can’t believe mike is still entertaining that relationship with sandy but you can tell he feels awful about what he did to lucy

Brittany ann  

Comment ID #20877

I mean, all his doing at this point

The Orangewalled  

Comment ID #20878

Reminds me of the times someone is talking to me and I can't hear them and don't want to ask them to repeat themselves so I just laugh in response and hope it wasn't a question.


Comment ID #20879

In this case Mike has record of what she said, so I think it's funny he doesn't seem to use that info.


Comment ID #20880

You burnt that bridge, buddy. Build another one and get over it if you want to grow. Lamenting on your guilt isn't gonna accomplish anything.


Comment ID #20881

Being in a relationship you bet everything on, and even one you think you deserve, is taxing. I feel for him but something has to give man

justin ODell  

Comment ID #20882

Oh god

Maybelle Conrad  

Comment ID #20883

Well if it isn’t my mortal enemy: the consequences of my own actions!

Kit Foxboy  

Comment ID #20884

DAY [X] OF MICHAEL NOT TALKING ABOUT HIS EMOTIONS. (imagine there are hundreds of tally marks underneath this text)

Hoo boy...! This is really becoming so drawn out... Of course, as a reader, I love to spectate this, but I'm starting to really pity Mike for the rut he is trapped in. It is so endlessly self-perpetuating-! He's just in a position where he can seamlessly juggle sending a text projecting a false OK-demeanor, and also is able to linger on the edges and gaze sadly at Lucy with no one there to stop him either... I wonder what is going to 'break' this cycle, or, maybe the better question is 'who'...? I'm starting to feel like it will be a complete miracle of Mike/Lucy themselves manage it. More realistically I feel like it's going to take an outside force, but whomst... Though, this might actually be winding up for a catalyst of change that isn't as nice as a friend reaching out to either of them... :X For their sakes, I hope it is nothing too dire!

The panels of Lucy and Augustus talking, and Mike's pained gaze... and the shot of Lucy clutching her arm! All so evocative, in succession. I really like how your eyes naturally travel across this page, I keep looking it over... Just one of those updates where you feel the quiet dread in the air. Ahh...

Looking forward to what comes next, as always-!! TvT

Bird Bell  

Comment ID #20885

Mike: Oh no, I’m losing my hearing! Damn you school bells!


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