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Veronica: Convincing argument!

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

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Comment ID #21053

Yes Mike, join their creepy boy band


Comment ID #21054

I love james


Comment ID #21055

the whole team is gay XD also Paulo looks mad jealousssss


Comment ID #21056

I like to think they've been sitting at that table this whole time throwing shady eyes at Mike.


Comment ID #21057

Mike: No!

James: It was the stalking part, isn’t it?

Mike: Yes!

James: Maybe I should’ve kept my mouth shut.

James’ friends: NO SHIT!!!!


Comment ID #21058

James is so incredibly socially awkward that he's somehow coming all the way back around to being socially cool and confident


Comment ID #21059

I aspire to have James amount of self confidence xD


Comment ID #21060

AW all the other team members have such cute designs!!! 😭


Comment ID #21061

So he's really been stalking him that long? That's some dedication there.


Comment ID #21062

Love the colors and expressions here, especially on Mike

Maybelle Conrad  

Comment ID #21063

Finally, someone dysfunctional in a funny way.

Phoebe Zeitler  

Comment ID #21064

I love BCB‘s update schedule because when Monday rolls around again, ok no problem, I get BCB -after all - Wednesday ugh just half of the week‘s over, but it‘s not so bad because BCB!! Then Friday yay I made it through PLUS I get another BCB page whoop!!! 🎉 Aren’t Friday updates the best, I adore this page and James :D


Comment ID #21065

Mike the Cat v. Sonic the Hedgehog.. is there even any competition? :p I love how happy he looks running in these snapshots. It's kinda painful to think again on Sandy calling that childish.


Comment ID #21066

oh my god you're right ;__;


Comment ID #21067

I really hope Mike ends up joining the track team because this boy needs a group of friends who don't have a long history with him and he can open up to without weird drama attached


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