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115. Track Meet, page posted 5/16/22

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Track Meet — Page 4

Author commentary

Veronica: Sue is still healing! I don’t think Mike will recover, however… from her burn…

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

Comments from Patreon

Comment ID #20909

Well at least he's self aware ??


Comment ID #20910

I mean I wouldn't know how to respond to that either LOL


Comment ID #20911

not in an "I hate Mike" way I mean it's just impossible to respond to comments like that gsjdjfvxs he's a teen though I get it


Comment ID #20912

Oh Mike..


Comment ID #20913

LMAO SUE. I mean tbh what do you say to that anyway even if he hadn't been a huge jerk to you not too long ago

Aussie Armstrong  

Comment ID #20914

LOL the silence is deafening


Comment ID #20915

Sue on her crutches LOL I totally forgot about that cheerleader disaster


Comment ID #20916

Mike haters in the chat: Yes. You are terrible.


Comment ID #20917

Um yeah I mean he is for several reasons


Comment ID #20918

Paulo pisses me off so bad when he's making snide comments lmfao implying Sandy's starving herself is not helping Mike wanna eat that apple, bud.

Maybelle Conrad  

Comment ID #20919

I know how he feels, but this whole 'berating yourself constantly and then taking it as agreement if people don't immediately argue back with compliments' move is always a bad one, Mike. You haven't even apologized to Sue properly and now you're putting pressure on her to soothe you. You gotta stop, you're only bringing yourself down more.


Comment ID #20920

Well at least he's self aware 🤣


Comment ID #20921

Mike: No you weren’t.

Sue: Yeah you’re right, I wasn’t. You are a terrible person.

Mike: (cries)

Sue: (smiles)


Comment ID #20922

He's really close to a breakthrough.. But fuck man, please let Lucy alone I'm BEGGING


Tyler Williams  

Comment ID #20923

Sue is back. The world is better now.


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