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Veronica: Why does Mike need to be madder at you, Sandy… what are you letting slip…

Anyway yes… communication… very cool…

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Comment ID #21468


Can someone remind me if Sandy ever apologized for yelling at Mike?


Comment ID #21469

She didn't. Instead she doubled up on the pain by throwing an offhanded comment about him having too much free time and also being childish. :^)

Such a sweetheart, that girl.

Sarah A R  

Comment ID #21470

I feel for Mike here. It's clear that it's not that he doesn't feel like he can talk about emotions, but that there's nothing to say that can fix it. He's checked out of this relationship.


Comment ID #21471

He was 1.5 seconds away from calling her a parasite


Comment ID #21472

Sandy: No you’re not.

Mike: But I am!

Sandy: (click)

Mike: (cries)


Comment ID #21473

I can't with her. He's been trying to reach her for ages and now she's pulling this stunt? She admitted to cheating (emotionally and maybe physically...) and didn't even have the courtesy to tell him UNTIL he snapped after months of ghosting ... and she's blaming him for that, too. She's the last person to talk about the importance of communicating feelings.

Mike isn't perfect but no one deserves whatever emotionless bs that Sandy's pulling right now.

Sarah A R  

Comment ID #21474

I agree; I think she probably meant to say something more along the lines of "I hope we can talk about our emotions maturely, without it becoming a screaming match." but the way she phrased it was a bit manipulative...


Comment ID #21475

And the cycle of bottling up feelings continues.

I'm guessing that Mike feels guilty because he had his little make-out session with Daisy at the Library; but all this sneaking around and tit-for-tat nonsense is just so toxic.

Up until this Chapter, I've always given Sandy the benefit of the doubt. We don't ever get to see her side of the story, so we always have to piece together the puzzle. However; I also realized that we don't exactly know WHAT Mike likes about Sandy. He's only ever described her as "Beautiful", "Wonderful" and "Busy". It's one thing when they were in grade school and it was just a shallow crush; but at this point, I would like to hear exactly WHAT is it about Sandy that does it for Mike. Every other character in the comic, I can describe with just their personality traits and you'd be able to guess but Sandy I can only really define her by her modeling career.


Comment ID #21476

She’s just a little piece of work isn’t she?

orgasm donor  

Comment ID #21477

She is toxic. People who don’t see how manipulative and calculated she always is, don’t understand how abusive relationships start.

Kaleigh Hohenthaner  

Comment ID #21478

We see very little of Sandy. What we did see is how little control she has of her life. What we're seeing is how she's been spoken to and manipulated and how that is manifesting in her actions towards Mike. We don't have the full story about Sandy. We do have the full story of the rest of the cast. Sandy herself is still very much a mysterious character and so are her circumstances.

Haruhi Hatake  

Comment ID #21479

Sandy is so toxic she is straight up sludge now even if she is a kid and *might* not know what she is doing its still toxic and not ok

Brittany ann  

Comment ID #21480

okay let's take a step back here and recognize that it is completely rational to ask people not to yell ajdjxh it's shitty because she's phrasing it in a super guilt-trippy way


Comment ID #21481

NOOOO MIKE NO THAT WASN'T THE POINT, stop apologizing she wasn't trying to guilt trip you imo :") (as a fellow airhead who dated someone with a controlling mother. I never ascribed any malice to Sandy's actions but M and S both need help and therapy to realize what needs fixing.)

Maybelle Conrad  

Comment ID #21482

She wants u to share ur feelings so pls do it. Even if it means saying you don't want to date her anymore. Please Mike. Please

Maybelle Conrad  

Comment ID #21483

Way to mix your signals there, Sandy

Phoebe Zeitler  

Comment ID #21484

Honestly I really like Sandy simply for how much impact every single one of her „appearances“ and speaking lines pack… for better or worse, lol. I‘d sooo love to get to know more about her, her own perspectives, I still really love that one chapter from her POV. I wanna see more of inner Sandy thoughts. (Does Sandy think at all these days? You just dunno with these chapters lately!!! JK even though she‘s obviously super superficial, I think Taeshi is extremely good at giving her depth as cat with her own feelings and inner world - if this makes sense.)


Comment ID #21485

The audacity...


Comment ID #21486

It's reasonable to not want to be yelled at but sandyyyy right after you said he should be madder..... you know what mike is like...... or do you idfk


Comment ID #21487

Also that 0 remorse about yelling at him first at their 1st date in 100 years, lmao


Comment ID #21488

Once again, more imagery with that scarf making me concerned for Mike's mental state. Two things immediately come to mind, and I don't like either one. Please let me be wrong...


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