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Veronica: Time to stuff some nerds into lockers

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

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Comment ID #21070

Aha, nice

Haruhi Hatake  

Comment ID #21071

This is so funny he just fell into it


Comment ID #21072

Eh something to distract him is healthy


Comment ID #21073

This'll be good for you Mike! Get you out of your own head and also interacting with people not related to all the drama you've been stuck in for years.

Emma Breslauer  

Comment ID #21074

Oh this is really getting good. I welcome the new story elements with open arms.


Comment ID #21075

Hoo boy I can't wait to see how this'll inevitably go wrong


Comment ID #21076

Twink jock


Comment ID #21077

I can't say for sure, but I think "Old" Lucy would have made fun of him to the point that he wouldn't check it out. She used to be a little allergic to vulnerability.


Comment ID #21078

Who likes short shorts? We like short shorts


Comment ID #21079

They're comfy and easy to wear!


Comment ID #21080

the makings of an all star athlete


Comment ID #21081

He looks like a dork and I love it


Comment ID #21082


Maybelle Conrad  

Comment ID #21083

"You may be wondering how I got into this situation."

Maybelle Conrad  

Comment ID #21084

mike doesn't seem like the type to handle physchal contact or damage much, james and the track team should have thought about this or dug deeper into mikes ''durability'' and ''endurance'' stats as much as they did his ''stamina'' stat, but hey these are teens we are dealing with.


Comment ID #21085

Remember the drunk alley fight

Red Miso  

Comment ID #21086

nope, but i do remember a fight between lucy and alejandro, but i wasn't there to see chapter or it was done before i knew of this series.


Comment ID #21087

The heck you talking about? Mike is the opposite of physically fragile. One of the biggest themes of his character progression was the fact that he was a literal punching bag for Lucy, and he just rolled with it until Sandy pointed it out for the abuse that it was. Coupled with the time he fell off a cliff to save Lucy, as well as the aforementioned Alejandro fight, (though he WAS drunk for that one, iirc) I don't think Track & Field is going to be pushing him more than he's physically capable of.


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Comment ID #21089

Mike became the least favorite jock villager in Animal Crossing, kablang!


Comment ID #21090

Mike is fast???

Sai Santoso-Miller  

Comment ID #21091

Yup yup. It's been a consistent aspect of his character since volume 1. He raced a LOT in his childhood, primarily against Paulo and Lucy iirc, and rarely ever lost.


Comment ID #21092

I guess I forgot about that because it was so long ago both in timeline and in publishing. Also if James has been at their school for four months, when has he seen Mike run? Hasn't Mike been too depressed or involved in other things to do running?

Sai Santoso-Miller  

Comment ID #21094

What a tease of a page. I love this.

Ema Nekaf  

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