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Comment ID #278275

Ughh, she’s so cute! XD
I admit that Paulo and Rachel are without question 100% adorable….

but I still can’t leave Paulo and Lucy for two reasons:
1) Mike is just wrong for Lucy. :/
and from that, unless another male comes along, Paulo seems the only other amiable choice. Honestly, they have had some cute moments—- when he does have his mind streight, he’s absolutely crazy about her, and Lucy has shown multiple times that she likes Paulo but doesn’t want to risk hurting him because she knows she’s not in the right place to be with him healthily right now.

2) From the way Rachel said that she wanted a family of her own, it sounds as if she means one fathered by her husband and birthed by her, and that she wants it to happen that way pretty badly. :c

also, dat Rachel face first on the last row. -heart melt-

fufufu... March 28, 2014, 1:01 PM EST.

Comment ID #278316

@Blank On Purpose
Lucy wouldn’t be in need for a emotional crutch forever y’know.
She seems like a fairly balanced person who due to circumstances she wasn’t in control of were off to a bad start in her childhood, and constantly experienced obstacles.
And then Mike kicked her self-worth and integrity off a cliff right about when she were about to set herself straight.

Your description of Lucy funny enough matches Daisy bang-on instead though, Because even when everything is perfect, she still craves “protection” by others.
Daisy’s the one who’d constantly need a crutch in order to not devolve into a weeping mess even when there isn’t any problems or obstacles.
Remember the whole base of this chapter? that should be proof enough.

Although the relationship between Paulo and Lucy were in the beginning something straight out of a generic Anime show “recipe”, it has developed slightly further than that, but it is quite impossible to tell where it’ll go when Lucy’s not there, due to a chain of events that Mike seems to have been the main catalyst of.

Although in Lucy’s CURRENT state she does need strong emotional support.
She literally wasn’t nor couldn’t prepare(d) herself for Mike’s thrashing of all her mental weak spots.
But so do pretty much everyone who’s been broken down completely by someone they though they could trust.
After all, trust isn’t something you get, it is something you EARN.
And Lucy isn’t the kind of person who gives that to anyone without a good reason, her childhood being the reason of that.

Sofus March 28, 2014, 4:13 PM EST.

Comment ID #278390

@Nightshade: Daisy DID help him with the effects that his abusive father had on him though because if you look back at him from when he first entered, he DID attack people that hurt girls. His temper was horrible back then because even if Abbey’s abusive father is gone now, seeing abuse on a regular basis is still SCARRING and causes lasting effects. She was the only one who stayed instead of going on Tessa’s trip, and that was so she could support him as he went to therapy and relived the horrible scenes he saw as a child.

When he was upset over losing his temper at Sue, DAISY then took over the debate for him and won it for him, not something that everyone would try to do.

When he was going to visit his mother, Daisy went with him and was there for him when he learned of her death. She has supported him through his pain.

And Paulo’s claim only makes sense if you try to understand Paulo’s point of view instead of assuming he is jerk. Paulo has never has a mother, has a limited number of luxuries and is likely either in some degree of poverty or quite near the borderline of being in poverty.

Then along comes Abbey. Abbey who has two parents. Abbey who has basically everything he wants. Abbey who has not only had his birth mother in his life, but has had another one as well. Abbey who has the girl he loves at his side. Abbey that has so many things he doesn’t, continues being upset by the death of his birth mother even after at least two months have passed since when he learned of it when he had YEARS to prepare himself for that possibility.

Paulo wouldn’t think he was being insensitive or rude, he would think he was telling off Abbey for being an ungrateful brat that isn’t appreciating what he has now and doesn’t appreciate Daisy who supported him in a situation where he personally would have told him to get the hell over it by now. He was trying to give him a dose of reality that Daisy is still someone worth being with.

Not everyone can relate to Paulo’s viewpoint, but it is the same viewpoint as everyone who ever thinks ‘why can’t you appreciate what you have?’ It is the viewpoint of someone who doesn’t have what you have - someone who can see all the great things you have but still sees you upset about something else and gets annoyed about it.

Paulo doesn’t understand Abbey’s situation and Abbey doesn’t understand Paulo’s situation either.

And Daisy herself does need to sort herself out, but I doubt she can do it alone. How exactly are you meant to erase a crush you have on someone? There is no defined way and that is the problem. She likes Abbey enough to want to be with him but there is no easy way to get over her crush on Mike. It actually seems like a good idea to me for her to at least be able to talk to Abbey so they can talk about this stuff and try to brainstorm ways they can try to get her over her crush.

Moogle March 30, 2014, 9:31 PM EST.

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