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Love Again — Page 2

Author commentary

Veronica: He’s still got it!!!!!!!!!! i think!!!!!!!

fun fact when I drew this page, I realised too late I drew the lockers inconsistent to the rest of the comic, like they were opening the wrong way. SO I FLIPPED THE CANVAS HORIZONTALLY AND REORGANISED THINGS THAT WAY. fun in catching blunders

and speaking of comic blunders, I soon realised I made that same blunder in Pillow Talk and Feline Filibuster so i’M A BIG SCREW-UP WHOOPS. It’s something I will fix in the future.

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

Comments from around the web

Really? I think I’m done.
I give up…
Abbey looking at Paulo like that for ignoring Daisy when he was the one who fucking told Paulo to stay away from her? Give me a fucking break!!! #StopShittingOnPaulo2k16

Tumblr: little-crazy-misha-minion October 28, 2016

Updated Paulo ship list:
Paulo x Lucy / Paulo x Daisy / Paulo x Mike / Paulo x David / Paulo x Matt / Paulo x Jessica / Paulo x Rachel / Paulo x Jasmine / Paulo x Tess / And now… Paulo x Courtney. / He has all the ships. All of them.

Tumblr: lachlands October 30, 2016

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