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Love Again — Page 2

Author commentary

Veronica: He’s still got it!!!!!!!!!! i think!!!!!!!

fun fact when I drew this page, I realised too late I drew the lockers inconsistent to the rest of the comic, like they were opening the wrong way. SO I FLIPPED THE CANVAS HORIZONTALLY AND REORGANISED THINGS THAT WAY. fun in catching blunders

and speaking of comic blunders, I soon realised I made that same blunder in Pillow Talk and Feline Filibuster so i’M A BIG SCREW-UP WHOOPS. It’s something I will fix in the future.

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Comments from around the web

I would say the reason why Paulo might be doing this, is because of both Daisy and Abbey, reasons. Because physically Abby threatened Paulo to stay away from Daisy, while Daisy emotionally told him off, saying he wasn’t a good friend for picking on Abbey, and Paulo didn’t have the courage to tell Daisy what Abbey did to him and the Con, because he’s a good friend, and he didn’t want to hurt her anymore then she was feeling that day. So maybe Paulo didn’t want to hurt Daisy anymore then he felt like he did, not just because of Abbey but because he cares for Daisy, so to make himself unapproachable, he’s being a Jerk/player. Something both Daisy and Abbey told him, he was.

Tumblr: animelove98 October 30, 2016

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