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Veronica: bughg

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@Hunnikitty and @Lickit&stickit

Please… calm down a little? Hunni yes being drunk can affect the way a person acts and you are right on that part but Lick is right by saying that doing something nice doesn’t give you the right to do something bad latter.

It is true that sometimes people use other people to patch their insecurities (Lick said it, and I have seen it happen in real life).

But really the world is not Black and White, it’s full of shades of gray. Yes, one can have sympathy for Daisy, you don’t have to outright hate her for one mistake, but having sympathy does not mean you have to overlook her mistakes.

The fact is she did something wrong and no matter all the good things she did she needs to mend it. Abbey can’t just forgive her if she hasn’t even recognized what happened and at least promised to fix it.

I feel sorry for Daisy, she probably didn’t realize what she was doing, but she needs to stop acting like a baby and confront her issues, if she really wants to ever grow up.

So you both have good points. Nobody (exept Taeshi) is inside Daisy’s head so both of you could be totally wrong or totally right, I am inclined to believe you both have made true statements and speculations. So in the end neither is completely wrong or right, just live with it. You shouldn’t fight just because you have different points of view, accept it and move on. This is starting to look like a battle field.

EDIT: You guys write too fast for me to keep up. D:

Vanilla February 5, 2014, 3:07 PM EST.

Comment ID #274454

Guys when it comes to love and experiences with love, relationships … point of views regarding it and the experiences that lead to it, are not set in stone. It’s different for everyone. It doesn’t mean people have less experience or not, and even so, so what? People process things differently.

As for my own observation toward Abbey and Daisy … being drunk is no excuse but it really does change you, and for some, loosen lips. She messed up and doesn’t even remember it and continues to do so. Whether it’s right or wrong to be with someone when you still have a crush … that’s personal opinion, but this is a communication problem. Abbey is withholding on his feelings and what has happened and Daisy said to much with the help of booze. They can sort this out if both are willing to, and that’s what matters in the end … working out these kinks. If they can’t do this much, then they aren’t ready to be in a serious relationship, neither one of them. It doesn’t have to end their relationship or spoil it, but whether it does or not, is on them, and how they choose to deal with this hiccup.

Canny February 5, 2014, 3:10 PM EST.

Comment ID #274492

@Stickit and @Hunni

holy potatos you guys are keeping this up for a while.

1: Not everyone works the same way
2: Stop the passive aggressive ad hominem attacks that seem to pop up a little. What’s up with that
3: Being drunk is not an excuse. If you drink n’ drive, it’s still your fault. Revealing her feelings is the issue here, as she has somewhat confirmed she still likes Mike that way.

She’s in a monogamous relationship with Abby, and admits to still liking a guy she had a crush on about a year prior.

That is the problem here. You can relate to either side, neither are evil. But Daisy still screwed up. Abby is upset, and it doesn’t matter if he’s “in the right” by doing so. He’s upset that he still may be a ‘second fiddle’ even after all this time. She didn’t mention Abby at all in her drunken rant, her mind was all about Mike.

What does Daisy’s letting Abby know about her feelings matter? It could just be her deluding herself and Abby. It doesn’t matter in this case unless things are clearly communicated

tl;dr, stop arguing about whether anyone’s justified because that’s beside the purpose.
Fact: Everything went to crap because Abby thinks he’s a ‘replacement’ due to Daisy’s speech


(Also I’ve been on both sides of this too, before we start the attacks on me too. Abby’s side first, then Daisy’s except the previous Daisy was the reason why I was being a Daisy. Such is life)

OneLove February 5, 2014, 4:31 PM EST.

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