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Golden Hour — Page 20

Author commentary

Oliver: Here’s the big change! And to a new reader… it’s nothing?

Basically, the big deal is that the rest of the chapter looks like THIS and not like a BCI comic. In late 2015 when this chapter was posted, Veronica was still getting used to the new style introduced in Guest of Honor, we had scheduled a holiday where she wouldn’t be able to work on new pages, and the buffer was about to run out. So the solution was found: update at the normal rate, but finish Golden Hour in the sketchy BCI style that’s way quicker.

Obviously, we knew we had to get around to finishing it in the proper style in time for Volume Six, and so in late 2018 Veronica spent a bit over a month finishing all twenty-five pages. Hidden work goes into every book we publish (for example, all the drawing corrections made for Volumes Four and Five required a lot of work from both of us, as patching over watercolour is a lot more complex) and the hidden work in Volume Six involved redrawing 25 pages everyone already read. Two months of page updates, two months that could otherwise go into the page buffer and avoid hiatuses and update schedule changes, but two months that had to be spent!

So for old readers, while you might have already read these pages, please enjoy the changes!

For new readers, it’s like nothing ever happened! We hope.

As a bonus: check out a comparison of this page to the older style, and a comparison of page 28 to the older style.

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

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tryign to draw These Cats

Tumblr: d0g November 16, 2015

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