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Veronica’s Commentary

the sixth panel feels like the doorknob rose BUT THE CAMERA WAS KIND OF GOING A BIT DOWN UGHH

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wow, you guys. did you consider that lucy’s
upset that mike’s coming in there for her
and she’s not all FKGHSKDFH at paulo? o:

of course she’d look like that. she’s trying
to hiiiiiiide it, looks like.

u o u

visiface March 11, 2013, 12:36 AM EST.

Comment ID #240665

Everybody’s freaking out, honestly I think that Lucy’s just dressed up for her part in the play (will she be Zelda circa Ocarina of Time? lol)

Mike sure is looking suspicious at them though. Will his suspicions be proven right, whatever they may be? And nice comeback Paulo, always the bad-*** 8-)

Hmm, if I recall, Lucy’s gonna be singing in this play… Will her emotions regarding what happened with Paulo effect her performance? :O

I can’t wait to see what is gonna happen next!

Oreo Clarity March 11, 2013, 12:51 AM EST.

Comment ID #240678

Isn’t anyone here realising that Paulo is smiling to keep up a cool front before Mike? Right before, as he was dashing out, he looked like he had been through what he had always dreamt of but still processing the moment in case it really happened or if it’s still just a dream. When he turned to face Mike, he still looked bewildered but then realised “****, gotta put on my smug-face”.
The “None of your damn business”-comment was simply to keep up his image.
Luce has had that serious face for quite a while now, I don’t think it would be that easily washed off by some simple smooching. At her current state, it’s hard to say if she even cares enough to be embarrassed or think of such feelings. She’s most likely still too depressed to raise any loving feelings (sorry Paulo) from being kissed since she seems rather unenthusiastic about pretty much everything, except when you’re butting into her business (such as with Augustus).

I really doubt Paulo did something inappropriate to Luce. She asked to make-out, they most likely did, then they (possibly Luce) broke off the kiss since she about to get up on stage in any minute.
She wasn’t wearing the hood over her head before the kiss, now she is. So one theory is that while Paulo rushed out all flustered and bumped into Mike, she returned to her seat to finish the last touch of her costume.

I highly doubt Paulo managed to “sexually assault” Luce during such short time (less than 5 minutes probably) and especially when he’s trying to confess to her. Paulo is NOT a playboy, even if his image tells so. Remember when Luce tried to seduce him? He was the nice-guy there. The reason to why he banged all those girls later was because David pushed him with his “reputation”. He’s in fact a very considerate and loving boy, otherwise Jasmine wouldn’t have kept dating him and if he was such a playboy he would’ve at least kissed her sooner than after their break-up.

It’s okay to not like a character, but I do find it rather annoying when people bash at a character without looking at their good parts as well and making their bad parts seem worse than they actually are.

Yumikarp March 11, 2013, 1:05 AM EST.

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