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Curtain Call — Page 33

Author commentary

Veronica: David gets cropped when resizing it for the web, but he had a pretty deadpan face going on. A BONUS FOR VOLUME FOUR

Chris is a pretty well-behaved kid. The true star of this show!

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

Reader comments

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Combine the sudden Flashback Mike had and his concerned face in the last two panels means only one thing: guilt.

Things are gonna get as intense as the moment he told Lucy he hated her.

Blaze33405 April 26, 2013, 12:25 AM EDT.

Comment ID #243968

I see Jasmine didn’t come back. Gosh. I guess the play didn’t mean all that much to her, in the end… unless she simply sat elsewhere.

Also, something seems to be bothering Mike. Me hopes it’s regret, but will it really be that easy? We shall have to see.

Daisy looks adorable. Daww. :) She seemed to really enjoy the corny play.

Man, I love the colours on this comic! It’s such a pleasure to see such bright and cheery colours three days a week. :D

ravengal April 26, 2013, 12:41 AM EDT.

Comment ID #243980

This chapter is almost as wrenching as “December”.
Look at Lucy; all those emotions she’s hiding in her eyes. Excuse me if I get a little dramatic here, but she’s like a puppet without a soul. You’re a very lonely person Lucy, a very, very lonely person with too many feelings.
Look at Paulo getting all jealous that Mike is holding hands with the hot babe he just made out with. Come on Paulo, I thought you loved her for being Lucy, not for having spunk and a good body-form.
Look at Mike, who is so air-headed that he thinks Lucy’s “acting” is actually her genuine feelings. “Oh, it looks like Lucy has come to terms with the evil she has done. I knew if I held out long enough she would find her way”. So arrogant.
Then there’s Daisy, Abbey, David, and everyone else who have no clue as to what Lucy is going through or putting herself through. Can I blame them? Probably just a little bit.
I find all the characters in BCB a little nuts and maybe that’s why I like them, even if I tend to shout at them, but what Lucy is doing right now on this page…it hits me pretty close.
Can’t trust anyone with how you feel, get tired of being angry/sad all the time, and getting tired of people swinging you around all the time when you’re just trying to be honest about things.
I’d pick you up, Lucy, but I am afraid I’ll never live up to whatever idealization you have about Mike, who is ironically putting you through a lot of personal hell right now.
Better save yourself, before you end yourself, Lucy. All I can say right now.

Blank On Purpose April 26, 2013, 1:02 AM EDT.

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