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I am happy that there is in fact a “good” Lucy buried under all the hatred in Mike’s mind. After all, much to what he wants to believe, or has convinced himself to believe, their friendship was based more than just Lucy pushing herself on him back in Kindergarten and first grade (though that might’ve been where it started.) After all, there was a time when he was genuinely in love with her, and no Lucy, you were not just his “rebound”. Of course, friends will hate the things the other does at times, you might not always get along 100%, there might be fights or misunderstandings (that’s what I feel this whole arc has been, just one big misunderstanding!) But true friends will get over it and work on it and become stronger than ever. Real friendship can withstand that. :) There is hope! Haha.

Termania June 18, 2013, 1:04 PM EDT.

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I kind of really hope he’s starting to realize how she got harsher after he abandoned her for Sandy for so long. I hope he realizes his own mistakes as well, that it wasn’t all her. How she once was much more open to him. They were both wrong, and they both need to make up with each other.

I’m so torn though! MikeXSandy is a decent couple, but I’ve always been MikeXLucy. Recently though, I’ve kinda been LucyXPaulo, I just can’t decide!

Yuki23 June 18, 2013, 1:24 PM EDT.

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See, this is what I’ve been talking about.
Lucy was a jerk in the past and it was Mike I felt bad for, taking all that unrelenting harassment from Lucy.
However, Lucy has changed and she has started to yield to Mike, who is still stuck in the past and continues to treat Lucy like an enemy.
It’s a tough thing to lock yourself up for so long, but then start to open up and lower your guard, only to get stabbed multiple times by the person you trust and try to approach.
Maybe it is karma or maybe it’s that unending cycle of hatred and vengeance. You know what they say about “an eye for an eye”…
I noticed a lot of readers comment about how Lucy is becoming “younger” since the last page. Maybe Mike is remembering a time when they were both just kids and Lucy was a nice, shy girl. However, if I remember correctly, Lucy was a rowdy Tom-boy even then.
It’s good for Mike to see the good though. If all that is seen is evil, one tends to become evil themselves without even realizing it, but only when it is far too late and all that is left are difficult regrets to contend with. The more you deny it, the deeper you become entangled in it.
Edit: Also, does everyone noticed the subtle look of pain every time Lucy says “thank you”? It’s most likely because no ever told her “thank you” (more like “F**k you”, which is when they even cared to talk to her) and for her to make the gesture to thank someone else, well it’s a pretty big thing for her.

Blank On Purpose June 18, 2013, 2:05 PM EDT.

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