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And now the fallout will begin.
Didn’t think it was going to be THIS drastic. I thought more along the lines of being transferred outta class. I wonder now where she transferred to. Another school? Homestudy? Boarding School? Being forced to live with Sam? Sent off with her father?
Starting to ache for those 5 a weeks due to the sheer suspense! Patience is a virtue though!

REALLY curious what you have in store now Taeshi.

Fenfir May 15, 2013, 12:04 AM EDT.

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My theory about why Mike’s so shocked is not that he’s secretly become enamored with her since the play, but that this reminds him of the other time he’s had someone he cared about suddenly leave right as things were going well. Anyone leaving can’t be pleasant for him after Sandy, especially not if he got it in his head that Lucy and he were going to start over and be friends again.

Hazel May 15, 2013, 12:44 AM EDT.

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This scene and situation, although I expected it, made me feel emotionally distraught. It might help that that is the situation I am in now (leaving school for extreme depression), but I feel that even if I wasn’t it’d still be heart-wrenching. Not just for Lucy or the others, but both!

When in depression, you usually cannot see how much others love and care for you. Even when it’s completely obvious that you have great friends like Sue and Paulo (and Daisy, Abbey and David, even if they’re faces aren’t as dramatic), you just don’t see the goods. You only see the bads. Her family thought the best thing to do was a change in scenery. Sometimes, that actually helps out a lot! Sometimes, though, it makes the situation worse. It all depends on how the person handles the change and what the change it. It might be nice for her to have a break from Mike, even if he just apologized. Taking a break from some classic BCB drama would be good for her!

Miaaa May 16, 2013, 3:48 PM EDT.

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