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Author commentary

Veronica: Thanks for reading!! The new chapter begins tomorrow. (haven’t said that before!)

This was intended to be the final chapter for a good while, which I know sort of leaves it as an open-ended downer ending. I had these events (December, the play, events behind the scenes) planned for ages and how it was going to happen, and while I know what happens next, I was in a state of mind months ago where I felt this particular chapter could be a “good” place to finish the series.

But that’s irrelevant now, thank you for being so encouraging and giving me the energy to keep going and get to the ending planned all along! Will take a long time and there are plenty of side-stories I always wanted to tell, but after the next chapter the tone will change. Hope you can stick around and experience it! Thanks very much! We’re reaching the end of the first month where I’ve been updating five days a week!! Wow!!

Oliver: Just a late (2015!) clarification to the comment above, which was unclear and lead to a general understanding that BCB was at one point supposed to end here, on this page. That isn’t true, as the chapter was thumbed out before that idea was ever floated. Veronica felt like giving up on a lot of things at the time and went through a period of thinking “Wouldn’t it be funny to end it here, on such a sour note? Maybe I should.” among other more negative things. I chose to put this update here because I occasionally see people talk about everything after this point being some sort of change-of-mind extension, where it isn’t the case at all.

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

Reader comments

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How sad :(

First time commenting, but I’ve been reading for a year! This comic has really transformed in tone and art style for the better. I enjoy it and look forward to it every weekday now. Thank you for being a great writer/artist!

Anne June 24, 2013, 1:02 PM EDT.

Comment ID #250818

I had heard rumors this was going to be the last chapter, and I have to say it would have been a very interesting place to end it, and memorable at that. I’m glad to see you aren’t though, and that the story will continue to its intended ending. You’re one of the best writers doing comics right now in my opinion. It would have been saddening to see you end it on this note after so much story, drama, and suspense.

Lanpanic June 24, 2013, 1:14 PM EDT.

Comment ID #250822

I’m glad this isn’t the final chapter, way too open. Granted no comic can last forever but as it is, it’s just not ready to be over properly. It’s good to see Mike finally realized the consequences of his mistakes. Now it’s time for him to at least attempt to redeem himself.

starfighter105 June 24, 2013, 1:21 PM EDT.

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