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Veronica: let's all be friends this friendship day

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I have a feeling that Abbey is going to take this really badly. He just broke up with his girlfriend because she cares a lot about Mike and he doesn’t think she really cares about him in comparison, and her first course of action is a “friendship rose”. He might see it as rubbing salt in the wound.

Erimentha March 3, 2014, 2:01 PM EST.

Comment ID #276356

Guys. Taeshi has stated on her spring that mr Oreo Cat’s name is Matt.
Matt is canon.
Not Oreo.
(but yeha call him whatever you want who am I to say anything)
(but his official name is still Matt fyi)

Intrigue March 3, 2014, 4:05 PM EST.

Comment ID #276387

Wow… Everyone just loves hating on characters as soon as they show flaws, don’t they? “Paulo is being an a**hole” and “Daisy how selfish” and whatever. Honestly this really sickens me. Character shows flaws, everyone hates on them. Character virtually has no flaws, everyone hates on them. This is why people liked Paulo or Daisy better when Lucy was around, because they were more like supporting characters than main.

First let’s look at Daisy. Apparently she likes attention and is a selfish manipulative little egotistical baby with no idea how love works. Is this true? Well it rings some truth, but it is only the echoes of a story and not the whole. Yes, she likes attention. Some people like attention and some do not and everyone should be cool with it. She has low self-esteem and the energy that people give her is often positive and she loves to feed on it, often repairing the cracks which she may or may have not placed there in her fragile self-esteem. Fortunately Abbey gives this to her and she loves it. She loves being LOVED. It was revealed that her parents are more of a team in a mechanical sense, and although they might give her love, it might not be enough. She wants to feel wanted and Abbey was giving that to her. Is it wrong that she is “using” him to fill in these voids that Mike dug into her? Well it might be selfish, but it’s not intentional. She has a different love for him than she does with Mike. It was that love that let her stay to support him through therapy. It was that love made her sever the connection with Augustus; not because he was cruel but because he was cruel towards ABBEY, and she’s not mending it for Abbey’s sake (she admits that she liked the attention from Augustus in “Pillow Talk”). She loves Abbey. But it is the type of love that she harbours from Mike is what I like to call, “innocent lust.” So yes, she is a bit selfish, and could be a bit immature and a brat sometimes, but she’s young. She’ll grow.

Now Paulo… Yes, the apparent a**hole with the bad attitude and with the manwhore tendency. I’m surprised that no one is taking into account he’s kind of emotionally crippled. No matter what you’re thinking; yes, he is. The fact is that Paulo never really had a mother. The fact alone molds people differently. Some decide that they never want anyone to feel unwanted or unloved like they felt and are just rays of joy, while others can become cold and bitter, shunning the world like it shunned them. In Paulo’s case, he doesn’t know HOW to love. Think about it, his mother left, not even making an effort to contact him, and every day he can see his dad suffering with a broken heart. Now the fact that Paulo sees this and then find his DAD’S porn (just bear with me here)…That can really mess a kid up. His dad is heartbroken and is still looking at this stuff. The reason why he’s like this is simply because he never knew how to love other than sexually. The place where his mother should have taught him is immature and null, often confusing lust with love, comfort with manipulation, friends with rivals, and so on. He loved Lucy. He loved her so much that he went against his instincts and treated her with respect when she was at her weakest. He loved her so much that he never went against Mike (as a rival) because he knew she loved him (although he still pounded on Mike for being a nerd). Now he sees this “Oreo” guy and he remembers Mike, and how Mike hurt Lucy and could hurt Rachel. How happy he is with life while Paulo doesn’t know how to even FEEL. Most of all, he sees how Rachel willingly goes up to him as a friend, carefree and happy. He doesn’t know how to feel and if you noticed, he’s not even willing to “win” her back. He just wants to feel bitterness because that is the only emotion he can relate to in the moment. Also, while I’m at it. No, he did not leave Jasmine in a bad note. She left HIM in a bad note. He called it off because he respected her and wanted to be with someone else (like you know, what most of you are hating Daisy for NOT doing) and offered to be her friend again. With a misunderstanding and a bad attitude, she called him “not worth waiting for” and no longer interacted with him.

Some of these stuff I myself don’t really agree with, but please, stop with all the HATE. I wrote this to hopefully justify some points to these characters. Taeshi is fleshing out three dimensional characters with flaws and that’s what they are; FLAWS. Appreciate them and you’ll find that you’ll enjoy the story more if you can find a human aspect to these characters, and I mean REAL humans, not poorly written television shows’ characters. Please, if you want Mary-Sue characters and it just boils your blood enough for you to post something idiotic like “I HATE HIM/HER NOW” every time they display heaven-forbid flaws, please show yourself out go read some other webcomic or just don’t post pure hate.

Tylord March 4, 2014, 12:41 AM EST.

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