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Part 1: Pre-flashbackI am a huge fan of Lucy and Augustus’ friendship! They have the kind of chemistry that allows them to play off each others’ pretty harsh banter in an enjoyable and humorous way. I would honestly not feel bad if Lucy kinda dropped the Main Squad for Augie, because the environments these two provide for Lucy are potentially harmful and pretty safe respectively - having said that, though, I would love to see Elle and Sue’s friendship blossom nicely. That is also a relationship I enjoy watching.Curious to see Sam and Augustus engage in vocal warfare. Mike let Sam walk all over him and this is honestly for the best but I can only imagine how Augustus will react, and how Sam will react to how Augustus will react, and…Part 2: Post-flashback *NOTE: mention of suicidal intentions below*This is very interesting to me because from what I recall, Lucy […]

Tumblr: jeicob-evurrist January 15, 2017

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