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Veronica: Lucy can bounce back.

Thank you for reading~!!!!

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That's adorable

Aiden Reff  

Comment ID #18185

wait so how far back was that flashback?


Comment ID #18186

I am a little confused on that too


Comment ID #18187

Sudden ending! But it's the best way to end the chapter, yeah?

Dave Ostroske  

Comment ID #18188

I love them ??????


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Comment ID #18190

Ooohh, I wonder what the next chapter will be about :O


Comment ID #18191

I love them 😭😭❤️


Comment ID #18192

Ok so I’m assuming there was like a day break at least between Mike and Lucy falling out


Comment ID #18193

These two are great btw


Comment ID #18194

biggest sigh of relief ever seeing that Lucy's friendship with Augustus wasn't one of the bridges that got torched :')

anyway since the sequence of events never really did get clarified I'm gonna live my best life and choose to believe the flashback happened the night Lucy ran into Mike, she was already upset anticipating Mike ditching her and she just came to school happy the next day 'cause Gus told her he loves her


Comment ID #18195

It wouldn't make any sense though? I think the timeline is: 1) Mike kisses Lucy and she tells they will talk in the morning. 2)Morning comes, Mike spent the rest of the night talking things through with Sandy. Lucy, is happy because she thinks her and Mike is about to happen - > heart crushed. 3) Lucy comes back at the end of the day and tries to kiss Augustus. 4) Maybe a few days have passed and they talked about it, or it's just the day after and Augustus just inferred on what the hell is happening from the context and leaves a note to Mike to discuss. 5) Discussion with Mike.


Comment ID #18196

In reality I think you're right, it doesn't make much sense that the current page is happening the same day the last chapter ended on. Augustus couldn't have known that Mike ended up going back to Sandy unless there's been a delay between Lucy finding out as well. What seems to be throwing everyone off is how seamless the transition was from last chapter to this one where it all has a vibe of taking place in the same school day.


Comment ID #18197

Yes Shinzuku that is my idea of the timeline as well, it just comes off as what was author intended and I like that. Honestly comes off as more factually correct rather than being a headcanon :) perhaps the authors wanted us to be confused by the ambiguity of the timeline and draw our own conclusions, but I like this idea best.

Maybelle Conrad  

Comment ID #18198

Lucy puts up a strong front but that's what I love about her character.

LadyDoll -  

Comment ID #18199

Augustus‘ eyes lightening up for a second there… UGH so cute and good I love it!!!


Comment ID #18200

The cutest of interactions! But Am I the only one uncomfortable with seeing them together in the open? I always can't shake off the feeling that the guy who spied on Augustus and Alejandro's girlfriend back in the day, might be sniffing around their school to find out what is up with Augustus.


Comment ID #18201

This. When will that shoe drop? When will they come for them? What a chapter that will be. I mean, there's no way Auggy gets out to college before they catch up to him


Comment ID #18202

Ngl when I saw the preview of Augustus looking bewildered/surprised, I kinda feared for the worst already.. we all know it’s gonna happen eventually, huh q_p


Comment ID #18203


Maybelle Conrad  

Comment ID #18204

Aaaah what a nice conclusion to this chapter c: Looking forward to whatever is next!


Comment ID #18205

Beautiful ending

M. L. Scotland  

Comment ID #18206

Augustus and Lucy brotp cures cancer


Comment ID #18207

She's back!! ^_^

I'm so glad to see that Lucy knowing she has Augustus's unconditional support and love has kept her from going so far into a heartbroken depression.

Their friendship is great to see. I'm so glad for the nuances and complexities of it to be addressed in such a way that it's not spoon-fed but actually gives some work for readers to get to but also makes clear on certain characters' feelings/motivations.

Kash Bran  

Comment ID #18208

I am happy they have eachother. Yes not in the romantic way that I personally would like but it's just great to see a strong friendship especially for them. They are the power couple of friendship


Comment ID #18209

Lucy x Mike: Set on fire then torpedo’d into oblivion then the shipwreck was set on fire. (again)

Lucy x Paulo: Sunk

Lucy x Augustus: Sunk

Lucy x Jessica: Sunk before it even happened

Lucy x Daisy: No blueprints

Lucy x Sandy: No blueprints

Lucy x Sue: ???

Lucy x Happiness: Under construction


Comment ID #18210

😭 Aug x Lucy still real to me.


Comment ID #18211

by all means, I am just commenting on the current status of each relationship. hopefully some of them will change over time! :'D


Comment ID #18212

I'm joking hun. You are right need some development changing soon but not too soon. It's gonna end then we realize. 😭


Comment ID #18213

This was good ending. Glad Lucy, doing some good and legit open a book to more development. Glad it ended on a good note for them.


Comment ID #18214

Augustus: Damn, I gotta stop having these weird ass dreams!

Great chapter.


Comment ID #18215



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