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Veronica: Well, I’m glad you don’t see Lucy’s request as unreasonable!

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

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Comment ID #17452

Well well well, if it isn’t the consequences of my actions

James Fitzpatrick  

Comment ID #17453

if y'all dont have BCI i am BEGGING you to get it to read the new Another Intervention chapter my Lucy x Augustus heart is crying thank you Taeshi for this gift

Airy Frith  

Comment ID #17454

Omg im signing up right now!

Brittany ann  

Comment ID #17455

Yes yes keep going

M. L. Scotland  

Comment ID #17456

"Not what you *think* you should say" Is he gonna press a real answer out of Mike?


Comment ID #17457

I dont see how mike could take back sandy after what she did why does mike still want her? I bet she will end up cheating on him again she said she loved the other guy….

Brittany ann  

Comment ID #17458

Mike is weak.

Jim Avery  

Comment ID #17459

Not saying I want this to happen but I wouldn't be surprised if she was laying up in bed with her hairdresser while she was texting him.


Comment ID #17460

Codependence is a helluva drug.


Comment ID #17461

I agree. I took back a cheater multiple times before I finally FINALLY said no more


Comment ID #17462

I am LOVING the direction of the chapter so far! WHOOO


Comment ID #17463

Mike: (singing) She fuckin' hates me! Trust, she fuckin' hates me! La, la, la love! I tried too hard and she tore my feelings like I had none! And ripped them away!

Augustus: Why are you singing that?

Mike: It’s the only song that resembles me.

Augustus: ……….Can’t argue with that.


Comment ID #17464

whUJDFJDKLSF I shouldn't be laughing but Augustus' dialogue is so true. Definitely reflects a lot of the fanbase's reaction


Comment ID #17465

It's funny, Mike sounds a lot like how Augustus sounded when he tried to apologize to Daisy alone in the gym way back when

Emma Breslauer  

Comment ID #17466

Yeah “I’m such a fuckup, I’m the worst, etc.”


Comment ID #17467

Mike, I'm glad you had an epiphany and all, but answer the man lmao


Comment ID #17468

Look here comes a consequence chasing me right now....

Joslynn Hamblen  

Comment ID #17469

This is heart breaking... But it looks like Mike had some personal growth. He's a bit more self aware now.. but is it to late?

Also Augustus is just awesome, he's so calm and is understanding of each characters personal struggles and boundaries. I guess all that note taking pays off.


Comment ID #17470

As much as I love Mikes blooming self awareness and potential personal development, I think it might be too late in the case of Lucy? But the summary of this chapter is ""sometimes it takes a talk" which gives me hope that Mike and Augustus might at least come to some sort of understanding!


Comment ID #17471

God I love Augustus, talk about amazing character development


Comment ID #17472

Mike, stop wallowing in self-hatred and improve yourself instead.

Jim Avery  

Comment ID #17473

Mike, if you think you’ve been a horrible person, why do you think you keep doing it? I don’t see any signs of him trying to change yet. I only see him beating himself up for being an ass and repeating the cycle. I guess admitting you have a problem is the first step in the road to recovery…


Comment ID #17474

From what I can remember the first time Mike ever realized that he even has a problem was when Paulo hung up on him last night and finally found out that HE was pushing people away. That happened like, what? 12 hours ago in this comic? And realizing that what he did to Lucy was only a couple hours ago, if that. (homeroom to lunch) This isn't a span of weeks or even days, but mere hours. I think Mike can and will grown the hell up and that this conversation will finally let us, the audience, know he's come to the point of self awareness in a condensed fashion.


Comment ID #17475

Aug is a big bro protection mode. I like this.


Comment ID #17476

When will you learn

LadyDoll -  

Comment ID #17477

OK look it's all fine and dandy that he's realized that he keeps screwing up but what's needed from him isn't him beating himself up or feeling sorry for himself and probably hoping someone else feels sorry for him to. What he needs to do is stop and reflect, stop and think deeply on why he keeps himself and others in this situation and then address the problem.


Comment ID #17478



Comment ID #17479

Augustus showing care for his newly acquired sister is the kind of A+ content that gives me life


Comment ID #17480

I couldn't agree more


Comment ID #17481

This is really interesting to see. Mike’s being really candid and honest with Augustus about his feelings, I think. I know that there’s a million ways this conversation could go wrong, but I think there’s genuinely a chance for something productive to come of it.

Michelle M.  

Comment ID #17482

I don‘t know where else to put this but I need to say this about the new BCB comic promoted on the homepage today - it‘s so so good, so beautiful. I won‘t spoil anything but I nearly cried reading it, it‘s really bittersweet in tone and touching and just… really good. thank you Vero and Oliver. I‘m sure it‘ll mean a lot to some people.


Comment ID #17483

*I meant BCI T_T


Comment ID #17484

Look her comes a consequence, consequence, consequence. Consequences of my actions chasing me right now🎶


Comment ID #17485

Um, Mike, are you ever gonna answer Augustus or are you just gonna keep having a pity party? He asked why, not what, dude.

Leroy Fontaine  

Comment ID #17486

Hell yeah Augustus! Looking after ya girl Lucy whilst also having a level head!

Bridget Kelly  

Comment ID #17487


Sai Santoso-Miller  

Comment ID #17488

Some one did the You’re approaching me? Meme with mike and Gus & it’s jus’ *chef’s kiss*

Ema Nekaf  

Comment ID #17489

Well, well, well if it isn't the consequences of my actions.

I'm glad Mike is having more self reflection and understands what he did was wrong. Sadly in the same realization he knows can't give an apology this time or make up for it in some way anymore. I just hope Mike continues on and grows as a person and not let this happen again.

Amanda U.  

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