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Veronica: bawwwwwwww

Oliver: Give him some time.

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Comment ID #17656

I love Augustus

The Masterpiece  

Comment ID #17657

Augustus looks like he wants to roll his eyes so hard he could check out his own butt.

Joslynn Hamblen  

Comment ID #17658

*sighs* I am just SO tired of Mike right now.


Comment ID #17659

Ok i really feel bad for mike now especially after getting to see how that phone call with sandy went

Brittany ann  

Comment ID #17660

Augustus ain't falling for your tricks, jerk


Comment ID #17661

If looking for pity Mike...not going to get any from August.

He is willing to listen and hear your side...not be someone to comfort you.

Mike...just let it out....take a breathe...you will get through this...I hope


Comment ID #17662

Here's hoping! I have faith that he will take a lot out of this situation and actually have some awesome character growth out of it


Comment ID #17664

Let it all out, Mike! And let you finally learn from your mistakes begin!

Hmm…At this point, I wonder what now though? Mike acknowledges that he and Lucy now have a hard boundary which will (rightfully) prevent him from doing anything to/for her including apologizing or fix the damage his bullshit last night caused. Augustus told him Lucys diminished mental state, and how much Mike negatively affected her right to his face. Mike told Augustus that Sandy drove a hard bargain with getting back together that he guiltily accepted. He knows he fucked up, needs to stay away from Lucy, and will now live with the consequences of his actions.

That being said, I am so curious to what more there could possibly be to this interaction other than just August verbally smacking Mike right up side the head, lol. Especially now that Mike is having an inevitable break down, what more is there to say? :O But since Mike is in a pretty vulnerable emotional state, maybe he’ll spill some really interesting details about things too. Haha, I love this chapter. I love you, Mike, you always keep shit interesting around here with your BS. :D


Comment ID #17665

I’m truly hoping Mike brings up what she said, as I feel Augustus will actually know how to help Mike, even if it’s just encouraging therapy

jordan sanford  

Comment ID #17667

Oh the framing of the last two panels... the "show, don't tell" of it all...


Comment ID #17668

So mike giving him full explanation. I'm sure Lucy does. This was some damaging trauma stuff. The girl feels like she's not worth a dime from what I'm seeing. Poor Mike to just have to confront reality in the worst way possible. From looking back he legit did feel like rebound then back to unrebound himself. She legit had to hang up and think about that? Like really. It was scary to the idea I felt he was a pedo. From most hairstylist training guys they be like what 20-26 at the time. So yea, she legit made mike feel like something Lucy felt. This might have to be a understanding of Mike and Lucy need to break it off and work on themselves. Lucy need to climb back while Mike need to break Sandy off then just... Do himself.


Comment ID #17670

I don’t understand characters like mike. He’s someone who thinks people live in his world not the world.


Comment ID #17671

That... actually makes me wonder if all the attention he got from nearly the entire school early on in the comic has had a severe negative impact on his own worldview. Because weather he wanted to be or not, he was basically the most desirable guy in school. I'd be impressed if someone came from that at such an early age and WASN'T egotistical to some extent later down the line. Also could shed some interesting light on his mindset throughout the comic, most notably how he always thinks he's in the right in every situation. Or, "thought," I suppose it would be more accurate to say.


Comment ID #17672

Augustus: Yeah, or a crybaby. (taunting) Is this true? Is baby gonna cry? Like a whittle baby cwy, huh?

Mike: (fighting back tears) I’m not a cry baby!

Augustus: Don’t kid yourself there. You’re a bit of a pussy. No offense.


Comment ID #17673

I’m so glad that Augustus is sticking up for Lucy. I didn’t get a chance to comment on some of the previous pages bc I’ve been busy all week but I’m surprised that I haven’t seen anyone commenting about how Lucy told Augustus that she knew that this was going to happen (that she wouldn’t be able to resist getting sucked back in with Mike bc she hates seeing him suffer). So Augustus is literally stepping in here bc he *knows* that Lucy needs help here and can’t do this all on her own. ;w; I’m so proud of how far Augustus has come.


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