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Sircreepalot 2  

Comment ID #18144

laying on top of someone is the peak form of comforting

Airy Frith  

Comment ID #18145

im wrapping lucy up in a blanket and bringing her a hot cocoa right now. give lucy the ned flanders special

Airy Frith  

Comment ID #18146

This isn't a flashback right? It's a flashforward?


Comment ID #18147

Backwards to before Augustus' conversation with Mike, is my guess.


Comment ID #18148

But Lucy found out Mike took Sandy back when they got to school. I thought Auggie sent the note the same day. Was it actually the next day?


Comment ID #18149

Augustus did it a different day.

Kash Bran  

Comment ID #18150

Ohhhh. Okay, that makes sense


Comment ID #18151

Me trying not to split even though I have my own experiences with people doing awful shit but seeing things as gray is fricken hard to do.


Comment ID #18152

I really hate mike and sandy atm R jsvzhz skz UGH


Comment ID #18153

Mike: Oh hi- what’s with the bat? Me: I just want to talk. Mike: -runs- Me: WHY YOU RUNNING MIKE?!


Comment ID #18154

)": oh god I can't describe the feelings of sadness I'm getting from this page right now..... lucy I feel ya hon

Maybelle Conrad  

Comment ID #18155

Poor Lucy is right. Mike just undermined himself so much and gave away the game. “Oh I never stopped thinking of you. I picked this scarf thinking of your beautiful baby blue eyes. Oh also I ❤️ Sandy 😜👌 but I’m not mean I’m just dumb.” Like ok… not saying Lucy was right to rebound with either Paulo or Auggie but even Paulo knew it was out of character because she’s been consistently in love with Mike. Poor sad cats.

Gabrielle R  

Comment ID #18156

Lucy letting Augustus physically comfort her without swatting him away like she does everyone else though 👀


Comment ID #18157

ahhh okay so there must have been at least a day between the end of Eternal Flame and Burnt Bridges? bc I don't think Lucy would be talking like this immediately after the whole tree scene and then bounce right back to being hopeful and excited to see Mike the next morning


Comment ID #18158

I know this is a serious moment but top panel looks like butt pillow

Red Marine  

Comment ID #18159

This scene makes a lot more sense in the context of it happening later and not as a flashback (which I see more than one person assumed). I was trying so hard to figure out why she'd do this but after the ending of Eternal Flame it allll makes sense now


Comment ID #18160

Later as in after the end of Eternal Flame.

A flashback as in before Augustus talks with Mike.

Kash Bran  

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Comment ID #18162

? Am I still mistaking where this scene is coming from then? If that's right then personally I find it more confusing based on what everyone's doing now. Thanks the clear up :P


Comment ID #18163

This whole scene captures BPD as a teenager so well, it hurts. I wish I’d had this comic back then. Well done. So well done. Thank you.


Comment ID #18164

It sucks that she ended reverting to seeking comfort in that way after this rejection... She was right in a way that she shouldn't have listened to him but she did tried to exit the situation and was literally being physically held back from leaving. She shouldn't blame herself for his deception. She's not the problem in this situation and it's not her fault she was played. He has intersocial and dependency problems to work out himself.

I'm glad she sees that Augustus is able to support her without using her or forcing her to do anything for him.

Kash Bran  

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Haley DeLoach  

Comment ID #18166

How the series of events are taken place it seems like...

1st Enternal flame -

2nd This scene-

3rd August talk with mike

So its both a flashback and a flashfoward

Makes more sense this way at least for me.


Comment ID #18167

I just, absolutely love Augustus in this panel. He is such a sweet person, this really shows how caring he is even given what just happen. He sees the reasoning behind it, and was able to set boundaries, and tell her that basically "what you were doing was not right- but your not a bad person, you are just confused and hurt and I understand that" and through it all Is just so understanding. Also not to mention being in that moment probably showed him what daisy felt like in her shoes and saw how it felt, and probably has a greater understanding of it now even tho he already knew to change. It was a good learning moment for both Lucy and Augustus because of him setting boundaries upfront, and her learning what not to do in a moment of crisis for her. She may be broken, but this is just very wholesome. It shows Augustus's true feelings and it just give me more respect for him in my eyes to like a whooole new level ❤ good job Auguie. Also poor Lucy, now I don't know if I relate to the whole situation, but how she is feeling (her hurt reaction of confusion and an indirect cry for help and affection). Iv been there and it sucks. This hits home. A very well done section to this chapter❤

Sky TheTiny'mhytee  

Comment ID #18168

Let it all out Lucy, cry and process, you're safe now.


Comment ID #18169

Augusutus: Because you’re too stupid.

Lucy: Well, duh. I belong to The Loyal Order of Stupids.

Augustus: Oh yeah, I forgot.


Comment ID #18170

This is how i interpret the timeline:

Mike and Lucy talk under the tree. They make out.

Lucy goes to Augustus later that night and tries to make out with him because she KNOWS Mike will turn back to Sandy right after he gets home. She knows that Mike is a creature of habit and will always run to Sandy as long as she is in the picture. Lucy had a moment of weakness and immediately regrets it and starts to unravel all of her character progression to seek comfort in a way she knows how. Augustus probably tells Lucy to wait and see how things turn out tomorrow. Maybe Mike IDDN’T run back to Sandy?

Lucy and Mike go to school the next day, where Lucys prediction came true, she becomes heartbroken all over again. Augustus probably slipped the note into Mikes locker at around this time. (unknown whether Lucy cried to Augustus already or if he just wants to know what mike did to make Lucy push herself onto him like that)

Mike and Augustus meet up. This is where Augustus brings up hints from last night like Lucys prediction and her completely unraveling and Auggie wants to know WTF Mike did to her. (c111/p13)


Comment ID #18171

I think it was the Make out > Next day he went back to Sandy > Lucy went to Augustus > Augustus put the note in his locker the next day and met up with Mike.

Jessica Tracy  

Comment ID #18172

Mike got back with Sandy right after he got back home from the park with Lucy. His phone was ringing when he got back home and started talking to Sandy. this is where the "scrapped" phone convo between Mike and Sandy happened. Mike ends up talking to Sandy all night long, he didn't get sleep. he goes to school next day still talking to her.


Comment ID #18173

Im still going with: 1. Mike/Sandy fight 2. Mike/Lucy kiss 3. Next day at school where Lucy is disappointed again due to Mike getting back with Sandy 4. Later that evening, Lucy tries to rebound with Augustus 5. Next day, Augustus leaves note in Mikes locker in the morning and they have the talk during lunch. These order of events make the most sense to me. Just sayin...

Demetrius S.  

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