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Veronica: Buyer’s remorse from Sandy lol

Though to be fair to Sandy, Mike was so hysterical that it’s understandable she might assume he’d do something drastic because of the breakup.. not a very good position to be in!!

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Mike: Oh my god, I don't know jack about my girlfriend! I'm a bad boyfriend! (cries)

Augustus: You're also fat.

Mike: I'm also fat! (cries)

Augustus: (smiles)


Comment ID #17500

whats wrong with being fat?

Airy Frith  

Comment ID #17501

It's a Simpsons reference.


Comment ID #17502

Oh hoh! Be a heart what I see?


Comment ID #17503

Even of Sandy was worried he did something crazy, he should have stayed broken up. They are toxic to each other.

Joslynn Hamblen  

Comment ID #17504

So are they now both back together because of guilt?? Yeah I’m sure that’ll go well and be really healthy ! >_>”


Comment ID #17505

What a dumb ass. As the chapter title says, he burnt that bridge. I don't think he will be able to get her back, even as a friend at this point. What will Augustus do with this info?


Comment ID #17506

By knowing how she felt... is he saying he felt guilty for kissing Lucy? *scoffs* He shouldn't have had to.


Comment ID #17507

I think it’s about Lucy’s s. attempt, that’s the “worried that the they did something crazy”


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Yeah, that's how I interpreted it too. Sandy was afraid her words hurt Mike so deeply he might not have had a reason to live anymore. And honestly? If Lucy wasn't still around, or even if she wasn't at the tree at that exact moment to snap him out of his desperation? Who knows... At the very least, it was a fear Mike could sympathize with.


Comment ID #17509

Cutting Lucy off wasn't necessarily a bad idea. Not at the time. It's what you did starting sometime AFTERWARDS that's the problem...


Comment ID #17510

Odd to see all this remorse for Lucy's feelings from someone who strolled in this morning immediately blowing her off and flaunting how great things are between him and Sandy even after seeing how hurt Lucy was


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yeah, I'm really confused by that! there's no way he didn't know she'd hear him talk about it with Paulo and Daisy. I think he was pretty careless to have forced her to take care of him and then kissed her to begin with, but it was next level to talk so excitedly about his repaired relationship with Sandy not 15 feet away from her. wadda hell


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he dead on made eye contact with her on page 63 of the last chapter and then continued to gush about Sandy on page 64 with "it turned out for the best", wild lol


Comment ID #17514

If Mike actually cared about Lucy as much as he says he does here, he’d leave her ALONE. At this point he’s hurt her too much and too often. If SHE wants to reconnect that’s one thing, but trying to force the issue to assuage your own guilt is the definition of selfish.

James Fitzpatrick  

Comment ID #17515

I... kinda think he is. He's reached a point of self awareness where he knows he'd only cause her pain if he talked to her. So he's stopped trying. Hence why he was saying he can't talk to her in the previous page. He understands his mistake, and is keeping distant now. Thinking back on it, that could have been the reason he avoided Jordan earlier in the chapter.


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Guilt like this doesn't build strong relationships, Mike...

Ryuko DragonHalf  

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I’m pretty sure that the parallel to Sandy cutting Mike off and him doing something crazy is Mike cutting Lucy off and her attempting suicide. But his comparison doesn’t sit right with me because he had all the opportunities in the world to “keep calling back” the way sandy did to apologize, but every time he had a chance, he couldn’t be sincere, couldn’t genuinely say sorry, and couldn’t take meaningful action. He just kept snapping at her and yelling at her because he wanted her back and couldn’t get it. I don’t think Sandy would have done that.

I’m hoping that the story development will start to treat Lucy’s attempt with the seriousness it deserves, at least if/when other characters find out.


Comment ID #17518

I bet you are spot on with this but he also should know how Sandy felt about being in 'love' with someone else. They are both guilty of that. That phone call should have been their last. (after he got home)

"I am not going to do something drastic, go be with the guy you have feelings for"

But no, he was selfish. I bet Sandy only wants to 'try harder' out of guilt and mike is leveraging that to his advantage so to speak.

He is still so damn selfish.

Justin Seifert  

Comment ID #17519

Sandy, girl, you're the one who hung up??? Imagine being the one to rudely hang up and not discuss anything and then be like hm actually maybe we should talk... and that's reason enough to go back into a bad relationship??? These kids are wild

Aussie Armstrong  

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Comment ID #17521

She's just as hot and cold about her relationships as Mike is. When a Katty Perry song describes your romantic partner to a T then you should know there's an issue.


Comment ID #17522

"She means more to me than anyone. "

Yet, he's acted in pretty much the opposite way in nearly every interaction since even before December... Right. Actions speak louder than words, Micheal.

Kash Bran  

Comment ID #17523

Oh damn, his side of a story was a lot darker than I thought. This is just one more reason for them to have no gotten back together. :X


Comment ID #17524

Guilt relationship with both sides more interested in someone else.


Comment ID #17525

So let me get this straight. You're both guilt tripping each other to be in a relationship, yet you'd both rather be with someone else who also wants to be with you? YOU DUMB FUCKERS. JUST BREAK UP.

Sai Santoso-Miller  

Comment ID #17526

Please Augustus. Please just beat Mike up.

Sai Santoso-Miller  

Comment ID #17527

In a way Sandy was right he DID do something crazy. These kids still have so much to learn about themselves and life in general.

But I do hope Mike leaves Lucy alone for a while and respects her boundaries now, its kinda sad no one saw so no one is able to tell him how much he truly overstepped even before getting back together with Sandy. Sue would have had a field day w that lmao


Comment ID #17528

I just… I’m so confused and kinda ready to just be done with Mike. Before, I hated him. Now I just can’t be bothered. What the heck, dude.

Leroy Fontaine  

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