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Veronica: This sequence reminds me of the time I bopped one of my best friends on the arm (because I have a habit of being affectionate like that, like I’ll bop Souppy or hug him or put a leg on him or whatever, like a mongrel) and he bopped back, and before we knew it, we were knee-deep in bopping each other. All in good fun! WE DIDN’T WANT TO STOP EVEN THOUGH OUR SHOULDERS WERE ACHING.

.. not a very fortunate comparison to a certain pink-ribboned cat..

.. But hey, I guess this means Jordan is used to this kind of attention! Luckily he won’t be Decembering Madison :’D

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Comments from Patreon

Comment ID #17189

Yeah, getting a bit too handsy there haha


Comment ID #17190

I'm so hungry now damn


Comment ID #17191

Fifteen seconds more and the blunt weapons would have come out.

Jim Avery  

Comment ID #17192

Lmao me and my friends always used to punch each other like that in high school

Emma Breslauer  

Comment ID #17193

lol same. More like slapping on the shoulder or lightly on the belly with the back on the hand but same difference!


Comment ID #17194

Do teenagers not do this anymore? Me and my friends still do this sometimes

jordan sanford  

Comment ID #17195

I assume they still do! I haven't been around teenagers recently though, so I guess I can't speak with 100% certainty

Emma Breslauer  

Comment ID #17196

oohhh...this is interesting... :)


Comment ID #17197

Fighting like brother and sister what else. This is too precious.


Comment ID #17198

They've been doing movie nights at Jordan's? Doesnt Madison have that weird unfounded hatred of Lucy?


Comment ID #17199

maybe the movie nights at Jordans house might have happened when Lucy was away? I'm sure they rotate amoungst themselves so it might have been a while since they've been there


Comment ID #17200

Also makes me wonder how widespread the knowledge of Augustus staying at Lucy's place is. Because THAT would be quite the thing to have dropped on you without context. On the one hand, I would half expect Jordan to have told his friends at this point. On the other, he's KIIIINDA an airhead. :P


Comment ID #17201

This comes across a little flirty, not gunna lie. But at the same time they could be closer friends than we realize, havent seen much of them interacting.


Comment ID #17202

Y’all out here assuming stuff .-.


Comment ID #17203

yeah, cuz it's fun :D


Comment ID #17204

Ive missed this 😊. The physical jabs that friends throw at eachother...

Its felt like every physical action in this comic was being scrutinized so closely to decide if it was abusive or not due to Lucy and Mike but this just feels like friendly quarreling like siblings do.


Comment ID #17205

I'm hoping since Madison and Jordan appear to be close she might have let go of that weird hatred for Lucy.

LadyDoll -  

Comment ID #17206

Got a feeling.... Jordan about to see Madison have a horrible reaction to Lucy. Fact it might be something I low-key waiting for...


Comment ID #17207

Way too cute.

Steven Pope  

Comment ID #17208

So Jordan had his friends over while Lucy was away... Good to know life didn't stop for him and he had a good support system in his friends!

Also, we see why Lucy acted as she did with her friends. The physical affection was normal for her and Jordan's sibling relationship.

Kash Bran  

Comment ID #17209

I hope Lucy finds comfort in this group if they decide to go over to their house! And maybe even some good advice!!


Comment ID #17210

Haha I’m kinda hoping that she’s going to tell them to chill out a bit on the physical altercations. Jordan grew up in an environment where it was pretty normalized but ngl I’m definitely the sort of person who is very uncomfortable with that. There’s probably characters who feel the same way!


Comment ID #17211

Jessica: You know my parents make the best food!

Madison: I thought you didn’t like your parents’ cooking.

Jessica: Oh yeah, you’re right, never mind.

Jordan & Madison: ……….


Comment ID #17212

Errybody saying Madison has a weird hatred of Lucy but like… wouldn’t you be really grumpy too if people kept treating you like a replacement for someone else instead of your own person, even intimating that your partner likes you because they liked said someone else?

Madison’s been bound to react aggressively being both an aggressive person and being *constantly* compared to this “Lucy” she’s never met. Correct me if I’m wrong, but we haven’t even seen the two meet yet, have we?

Leroy Fontaine  

Comment ID #17213

Still not justified hating a person you’ve never even met tho.. it’s not Lucy’s fault other people compare the two, her anger should only be directed towards the people saying these things not Lucy even though her being upset is perfectly understandable

Elizabeth Carroll  

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