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Comment ID #22286

I wonder if Lucy is going to place first :)

Haruhi Hatake  

Comment ID #22287

I bet Lucy uses the Lancia Stratos


Comment ID #22288

Mike is going to have one hell of a race in Daytona USA 2: Power Edition.


Comment ID #22289

Mike immediately crashes into Lucy's car on purpose, to piss her off even more.


Comment ID #22290

Okay but I’m just imagining Mike beats Lucy and she walks up to him afterwards with a death glare and just says “good game”


Comment ID #22291

Or she doesn’t say anything at all and Mike tries to run after her 🤔


Comment ID #22292

Or Mike wins and yells "I WIN, I'M BETTER THAN LUCY!!!!".


Comment ID #22293

Oh my god bro 😭😭 I’d start crying


Comment ID #22294

She's about to dust every single one of them


Comment ID #22295

Ready, set...!


Comment ID #22296

I have a theory that Mike will throw the game like he did with Sandy…but it will piss Lucy off because she knows he’s good and doesn’t want his pity

Audrey Wilson  

Comment ID #22297

I mean idk why people pick sides they both were toxic to one another and to be honest Mike has been trying his hardest to give Lucy space. People make mistakes they are kids, and it is clear that Mike is making efforts to recognize his past behaviors and own up to them.

Lucy also is recognizing that they will run into each other and that she will just have to accept it. Mike will too, but it is also nice that he tries to honor what he said to Gus.

Kaleigh Hohenthaner  

Comment ID #22298

I agree, they were both toxic to each other; I think the main difference is that Lucy went away for a year and was in therapy and actively changed for the better during that time. Mike didn't and his recent actions brought Lucy swirling back to square one; like the crab in a bucket mentality. Yeah, you can say that at the moment he's been trying but in comic it's only been a week maybe two, so obviously Lucy would be sour about it.


Comment ID #22299

I would love it so much if this scene plays out with Lucy and Mike accidentally having fun and slipping into one of their old-school arguments bitching about cheap wins as the track boys watch in bafflement


Comment ID #22300

SEGA's Daytona USA intensifies


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