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Veronica: See ya!

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Comment ID #22377

You didn't have to.


Comment ID #22378

Well; that was a riveting conversation Mike.


Comment ID #22379

Mike drop.

Neve Fluffehbutt  

Comment ID #22380

amazing pun

Karissa Slonka  

Comment ID #22381

Hold them boundaries! Listen to your best supporting friend!

Haruhi Hatake  

Comment ID #22382

They're both so tired


Comment ID #22383

Thank goodness, good on Lucy for just walking away

Goobis Woobis  

Comment ID #22384

Good for you lucy, hold your boundaries because he doesn't deserve the time of day from you


Comment ID #22385

Well that went well


Comment ID #22386


Airy Frith  

Comment ID #22387

Mike: Whew, that was a relief. For a minute there, I thought she was going to scream at me for 15 minutes in front of everyone at the mall.

Lucy: >:(

Mike: Uh oh!


Comment ID #22388

I love the sense of finality in this page, this really might be the last time these two talk to eachother (probably not). If it is, at least they played one more game together before leaving eachother alone for good.

Sue H.  

Comment ID #22389

jesus lol. I mean, I get that he felt super shitty for smth that was pretty much out of his hands and all, but... lmao. just feels like he's still too concerned with his own feelings and his image to actually understand how not to hurt Lucy further


Comment ID #22390

Mmm, it's definitely true Lucy doesn't need to fogive him, but how exactly does a genuine apology, spurred on by bumping into her and unintentionally ruining her mood followed by his new friends dragging her into things with him, qualify as, "hurting Lucy further?" By the time he got to the apology, the damage was already done. All an apology (a good one, that is) does is try to convey intent after the fact. Sure, it does more to assuage the guilt of the responsible party than it does to fix damage done, but healthy communication can help both parties. Mike was told not to talk to Lucy because he failed time and time again to actually communicate with her without hurting her in the process. This... is not an example of that. Which considering everything Mike has done wrong as of late, says a lot about him finally starting to better himself. This is definitely a combination of, "Too little, too late," mixed with a bit of, "Better late than never."


Comment ID #22391

Any interaction initiated by someone who has abused you has the potential to cause further damage. Just because it's in the form of an apology doesn't magically void the stress of having to interact with that individual on their terms.

Mobius Gopherhole  

Comment ID #22392

Kinda hope he doesn't take it out on James and they can talk about it together, James and the track team can help him move forward in a healthy way and leave Lucy, who I'm assuming already has moved on, to her own devices.


Comment ID #22393

If Mike can convince James that Lucy and he have a history that he's trying to put behind him, then James would have to accept that Mike is fallible... James may not be ready for that.

Dave Ostroske  

Comment ID #22394

I wonder if Augustus told her EVERYTHING he said or just the part about not speaking to her


Comment ID #22395

I'm glad she didn't buckle, Mike IS hurting but she hurt for a long time

Matthew Smothers  

Comment ID #22396

Good girl!! ?

Chloe Fowler  

Comment ID #22397

Good on Lucy for keeping her boundaries set, and good on Mike for letting the apology sit without expecting anything in return. I think this is quite possibly the best handled apology from Mike in this comic, and I really hope they're both finally able to move forward and grow past this, even if it means keeping a distance from each other for the forseeable future.


Comment ID #22398



Comment ID #22399

First bridge mended.


Comment ID #22400

Good girl!! ♡

Chloe Fowler  

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