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Author commentary

Veronica: Mike wishes he had crappier hearing sometimes.

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

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Comment ID #22271

:) Yay

Haruhi Hatake  

Comment ID #22272

Mike: Boo!

Lucy: AAAHHHH!!! (runs away in terror)

Mike: Wow, I can’t believe that worked!

James: O_O


Comment ID #22273

Lucy W


Comment ID #22274

Lucy is letting her anger cloud her judgment. She should be able to see that Mike clearly doesn't want to bother her & is being dragged along. But because she's so pissed off, she's either not seeing that, or deliberately ignoring that fact to hurt Mike's feelings.

Phoebe Zeitler  

Comment ID #22275

Or like she said she has the right to be there and won't be scared off. Shes just going to have fun and do what she wants, not let past trauma control her anymore. It's a step to having a healthy normal life again.

Red Miso  

Comment ID #22276

He was the reason she wanted to unalive.... He SHOULD feel awkward. This is a win for Lucy; she is keeping her cool without direct interaction with Mike

Chloe Fowler  

Comment ID #22277

Mike hasn't done anything wrong in this scene but from Lucy's return up to Eternal Flame he's pretty much only snarled or glared at her for just minding her own business and existing (including following her around a couple of times and hiding in bushes to glare at her when called out). And that's not even getting into the way he treated her before her departure. I think Mike has earned her getting defensive around him at this point.


Comment ID #22278

Mike: Ooh, Michael Scott wish somewhere else now!

Mike: Maybe if I close eyes she go away!


Comment ID #22279

i like that this is something she probably learnt in therapy


Comment ID #22280

Lucy speaking softly so only Mike could hear.. good stuff.


Comment ID #22281

Lucy is talking to all the readers who said she should leave


Comment ID #22282

I love this for Lucy. Yes she is coming off harsh but she’s not telling Mike to get lost. She’s saying she deserves to have fun in a place she enjoys. And that him being there won’t scare her anymore. They’re no longer friends and she is making peace with that but knows she will probably cross his path till one or both of them move away.

Honestly, Mike should take what she said as advice too. He also deserves to be in a place where he enjoys. And shouldn’t be scared to be there. Him being awkward about it makes it worse since it’s a reminder. He just needs to acknowledge to himself he fucked up and be at peace with it and not worry about crossing paths with Lucy.

James is also just a great wall between them. He has no history of it all, saw how she was aggressive before but still inviting her to play because he’s such a cinnamon roll

Andrea Abrego  

Comment ID #22283

Based on seat placement, that wall comment seems almost literal for James as well, which is a neat little touch, and might be him either quietly or subconsciously picking up on the tension and splitting them up physically.


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