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Veronica: Mike is just SO HYPED!!

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

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Comment ID #22430

I wonder if sandy will actually pull through for him or not. I wouldn’t mind getting another chapter following around mike and sandy.

Brittany ann  

Comment ID #22431

I am getting a bit concerned about Sandy based on the few shots we've gotten of her, always a bit messy and never seeing her whole face etc


Comment ID #22432

Absolute shot in the dark... what if worrying about Mike after Sandy's break-up call forced her to start re-evaluating her life. Potentially even realizing that being a model wasn't actually something Sandy wanted to do, but something her mother expected of her, which is something we've actually seen alluded to in pervious chapters featuring her. Could you imagine if Sandy flat out quit modelling to go back to Roseville, only coming back in February after her pervious contracts were fulfilled. Hell, just think of the amount of absolute CHAOS she could create within the group if she stayed for Senior Year at Roseville High...

Of course, this is a complete guess. I have no idea if this is actually in the cards at this point, but it would be the perfect shake-up to create so much more insane drama, and I live for that chaos.


Comment ID #22433

Sandy: Because I'm gonna be dating with my new boyfriend Francis, while I'm there.

Mike: What...


Comment ID #22434

Oh no, they're going to bone, aren't they


Comment ID #22435

I'm calling it, Valentine's Day is when they'll break up.


Comment ID #22436

Yeaaaaah, that would absolutely track for this comic. XD


Comment ID #22437

Valentines day is when mike will finally realize hes been gay the whole time! Haha! James certainly wouldnt mind hehehehehehe

Sienna Volpe  

Comment ID #22438

bro look at mike not flipping out over a chance to see her


Comment ID #22439

Sandy has to have dull eyes now. It seems ominous.

Haruhi Hatake  

Comment ID #22440

I think not showing her eyes has more to do with Mike not having visual info on her either.. we need to be kept in the dark a little, since he is!


Comment ID #22441

C'mon Maishul, you could at least show a LITTLE more excitement


Comment ID #22442

Actually, seems like a much healthier amount of interest than he's showed Sandy in the past. I'm curious how genuine it is, but face value, he still seems genuinely happy to be able to see her in person again, without absolutely FREAKING OUT and going ballistic like he did every other time Sandy was due to make an appearance in Roseville.


Comment ID #22443

I don't like her mischievous smile here. Hmmmm. Knowing how she has toyed with his mind many times before- this doesn't look too good.

Sky TheTiny'mhytee  

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