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Veronica: Thank you for readiiiiing! When I first made this chapter it was 28 pages and I felt unhappy with the original ending, but I had enough time working on this chapter and musing about it that I realised “ahh, I just need to extend the chapter with more chats”

That is always my solution to everything. Just make the chapter longer :) I am sorry that I am like this

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Comment ID #22487

Come on, Mike

Date James <3


Comment ID #22488

It really can mean so much for exactly 1 person to truly be on your side and seem like they genuinely have your best interest in mind when things are going this awry. I’m going to be really surprised (pleasantly) if a genuine possibility of a relationship with a guy is explored with Mike. I’m sure we’d get to find out more about how Paulo feels through this process regardless of how it ends up


Comment ID #22489

I'm glad he was able to calm down enough to sleep :( It's be so hard to settle with all those different emotions swirling around the brain. Best of luck next chapter, Mike <3


Comment ID #22490

What a lovely closing page after such a turbulent chapter, thank you as always for the hard work 💖


Comment ID #22491

What a hectic day that Mike had.

This was a great chapter.


Comment ID #22492

Sandy and Lucy just bring up grief and trauma, but James and the boys bring love. It's obvious who Mike should date now


Comment ID #22493

James, and the boys

Mobius Gopherhole  

Comment ID #22494

In the next chapter, Mike finds out where Francis lives and attacks him in his giant bath tub just like in Pee-Wee's Big Adventure.


Comment ID #22495

I wouldn't mind Mike having a male romantic partner, but I feel like the focus has always been heavily on romantic relationships. I want more non-romantic relationships like Lucy and Augustus.

Haruhi Hatake  

Comment ID #22496

Mike: James wants my Pikachu, I just know it!


Comment ID #22497

Mike has 99 problems and a bitch is 2


Comment ID #22498

My biggest wish for both Lucy and Mike is for them to make a different set of friend groups. Not that the Gang isn't great but they have their own Issues and sometimes new friends/new interests are healthier for you. I hope Mike can work towards actually finding himself/working on himself with this new group of friends, and that he keeps his promise to stay away from Lucy bc honestly, they both just need to stay away from each other for a long ass while.

P.S. Please give these cats some therapy and Paulo/James endgame plz thxs


Comment ID #22499

It's nice to see that Mike's still effected by Sandy's cheating. It originally felt like it happened then it was resolved so quickly when personally that stuff can haunt you.

Red Miso  

Comment ID #22500

If Mike had any boundaries at all, he could have shifted this conversation, but instead he is suffering silently. "No I don't want you to come over" "No I don't believe I actually matter to you" "Why are you phrasing this in terms of what I do for you?" "When's the last time you asked me how I was feeling and LISTENED?" I'm much the same and it's so hard to grow a spine for real.


Comment ID #22501

He has a new happy thought! It's a start for sure. I hope this relationship - whatever form it takes - gives him the strength to communicate what he needs in others.


Comment ID #22502

Big agree. I'm hoping being around the track team for a while gives him the confidence to speak up


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