14. Confrontation, original chapter posted 1/15/10

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*Paulo’s fur stands on end. His eyes go wide as he shrinks back in fear.*

*Tears begin to form in Paulo’s eyes.*

*Paulo desperately covers his ears.*
Paulo: Stop it.. STOP IT!!!

*Alejandro walks up to Paulo, who is cowering and crying.*

Alejandro: Tough talk, kid.
*Paulo looks up.*

Alejandro: But this isn’t gonna work out for you.
*Alejandro looks down at Paulo and gives him a smug, toothy grin.*

Alejandro: Better stepthafuck OFF!!
*Alejandro gives Paulo a sharp knee to his chest. Paulo crumples inwards as he’s slammed back.*

*Daisy watches, horrified, as Paulo skids backwards across the pavement, gritting his teeth and clutching his chest.*
Daisy: PAULO!!

*Daisy helps Paulo get up, placing a hand at his back. Paulo, wincing, clutches his torso.*
Daisy: Sit up! Can you breathe okay?

*Paulo looks back at Daisy, terrified and crying.*
Paulo: I’m.. I’m alright..

*Alejandro approaches Mike.*
Alejandro: Hey, green eyes. I want that money.
*Mike looks up at him, with a dopey expression.*
Mike: Nope!

Alejandro: That isn’t the right answer.
*Mike shuts his eyes and yells, annoyed.*
Mike: A’course it is. I won it fair an’ square!

*Mike glares furiously at Alejandro, who looks back at him with a frown.*
Mike: And for yer infermashun, I wouldna had to break dat ugly radio if it wasn’t so LOUD an’ UGLYYY!!!

Author commentary

Veronica: Remember “Off to the Movies” and how I said there were originally some bullies that somehow remembered the tiny kid they bullied? Well, that’s no longer the case here. Paulo just developed a bark-phobia.

Paulo and this guy have never met before! Initially I DID plan for these guys to be the bullies Paulo met in the city as a child, but that’s absolutely ridiculous, isn’t it? Why would these guys care so much about a child???? Paulo’s not special, Mike isn’t special, none of these kids are special!

There was meant to be another character that would give these evil guys the information so they’d know about the character’s weaknesses, but again, why make all that effort? Why do these kids MATTER?

So instead, the barker just thought to bark to scare them off, not realising he was actually triggering someone’s bonafide phobia. What an (un)lucky break!

Oliver: Twenty bucks! I’d want to keep it too.

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Reader comments

Comment ID #8619

Mike’s powerfull Loopy Fist!

UNIT2960 April 25, 2010, 10:31 PM EDT.

Comment ID #78152

Yes, Mike, it was so LOUD and UGLYYYYY


Oh jeez, poor Paulo. D= I hate seeing him so traumatized.

Skygaze August 18, 2010, 10:04 AM EDT.

Comment ID #150557

Wow… poor Paulo. I mean dang talk about your inner demons. I didn’t think it was that bad. Poor guy.

bluesub6 March 6, 2011, 11:44 PM EST.

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