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*Sue, in class the next day, holds up a paper and reads from it with a cheerful smile.*
Sue: So I hope you learned a thing or two about the bacteria that crawls in our skin.

*Paulo, Sue, Mike, Daisy and Lucy stand together at the front of the classroom, smiling placidly as their classmates clap for their group presentation.*

*Their teacher, a poodle with fluffy hair, looks at the group with a kind smile.*
Poodle teacher: Very good. And that’s all for today!

Poodle teacher: Class dismissed! Have a wonderful afternoon!
Student: Whoo
Paulo: Yay!
*The students clamor as everyone packs up to leave. Paulo has an excited smile on his face. Mike props his schoolbag up on his desk. His arm is bandaged.*

*Sue sighs, annoyed.*
Sue: For all the trouble we went through finding our way back from that museum, we better ace this one..
*Daisy frowns as she notices Mike getting up to leave.*

*Daisy catches up to Mike.*
Daisy: Mikie!!
*Mike looks at her.*

*Daisy twiddles her fingers, looking down and blushing. Behind them, more of their classmates leave.*
Mike: What’s wrong?
Daisy: Umm..

*Daisy looks up at Mike, tearful.*
Daisy: I’m.. sorry about yesterday.

*Mike stares blankly.*

*Mike smiles and takes Daisy’s hands in his.*
Mike: For what?
*Daisy’s eyes go wide. She blushes.*

*Daisy smiles, looking lovestruck.*

*She hugs him tight.*
Daisy: This is why I like you so much, Mikie!!
*Mike is winded by the force of Daisy’s hug. His face gets squished up against the side of Daisy’s head.*
Paulo: So I totally beat up some thugs.
*Paulo, standing behind them, grins smugly at David, his arms folded. David looks awestruck.*
David: Wow!

Author commentary

Veronica: “You shoulda saved some for me!!“

I wanted David to say that after the “wow” in the final panel, but I obviously couldn’t fit that in. I definitely wanted to say more, imagine if David was there. I think he would have actively tried to stop things! Even David won’t be goofy in every situation!

Anyway Paulo you’re RUDE

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Reader comments

Comment ID #122654

Mike looks like he’s either the most constipated cat on the planet or in alot of pain from her hugging his injuries.

Echo November 9, 2010, 11:39 PM EST.

Comment ID #124403

This is probably my favorite page of Bittersweet so far. Especially the last panel, with Paulo and David in the backgorund! XD I love this comic, I found it just today!

LpSamuelm November 12, 2010, 5:47 PM EST.

Comment ID #139327

Paulo sure lies with a straight face.

Hoheh December 28, 2010, 5:15 PM EST.

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