14. Confrontation, original chapter posted 1/15/10

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*Alejandro growls. Blood stains the fur beneath his lips, trailing down his jaw. His teeth are chipped.*
Alejandro: Look at what you just did..

Alejandro: My tooth.. It’s chipped. The last girl who hurt me gave me this scar. You see it?
*He glares at Lucy, holding her by the shoulders.*

*Lucy grimaces at the contact.*
Alejandro: Allow me to demonstrate how I paid her back.

*She wrenches one eye open.*

Alejandro: We start with the cute little face, and..

*Lucy uses the wall as leverage, lifts both her legs off the ground, and delivers a hard kick to Alejandro’s stomach. She furiously shouts at him.*
Lucy: KNOCK! IT! OFF!!!

*Alejandro clutches his stomach and lowers his head. Lucy gets her footing.*

*She leaps into the air.*

*She grits her teeth and clenches her fist, unsheathing her claws.*

*Lucy claws Alejandro’s face as she leaps past him. Alejandro looks stunned as the cuts on his face begins to bleed.*

*Lucy lands and spins around.*

*She grins confidently and kicks Alejandro in the back. Alejandro winces as he is knocked forward.*

Author commentary


You can do it, Lucy!!!

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

Reader comments

Comment ID #11742

homeboy is P.O

tired(bored) May 1, 2010, 3:11 AM EDT.

Comment ID #136333

Lucy loves letting her legs explain her side of things.

Hoheh December 12, 2010, 7:29 PM EST.

Comment ID #157165

Get him Lucy!!!! make annother scar on his face…No two!! the scared Paulo..one of my favo charracters i wont tollerate this, Lucy time to kickass!!

Call Me God April 16, 2011, 2:31 PM EDT.

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