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*A city skyline is shown as the group walks out of the bar together.*
Mike: Yer so pwetty.. ♥
Lucy: Shut up, jerkface.
Mike: Yer all like.. white. White like pwetty pwetty snow~ ♥
*Lucy hits Mike with a “SMACK!”.*

Lucy: I warned you.
*Mike grins as Lucy grinds her fist into his cheek.*
Mike: Ah like yer punsches in mah face.. ♥
*Daisy, in the foreground, looks irritated and slightly tearful.*

*Mike has a stupid smile, tilting his head as Lucy’s fist presses into his cheek.*

*Mike rushes over to Daisy and pounces on her.*
Mike: YO, DAZE! Why so down in the dumps!
*Daisy, still upset, blushes.*

*Daisy looks back at Mike with tears in her eyes.*
Daisy: C’mon, Mikie. You know why.

*Mike suddenly pushes Daisy down and perks up.*

*He dashes ahead of the group.*
Mike: ICE CREAM MAN! ♥♥♥
*Paulo is surprised. Sue yells angrily after him.*
Sue: MIKE!!
*Daisy, still on the ground, looks disgruntled.*

*Paulo looks over to Lucy, confused.*
Paulo: Ice cream?
*Lucy shrugs.*

*Paulo, annoyed, yells at Mike and chases him through an alley.*
Paulo: Wait up!! We gotta stick together, Mike! STOP!!
*Mike keeps running with a stupid grin on his face.*

*Paulo’s eyes go wide as he notices something.*
Paulo: Huh? It is some kind of music.

*Daisy catches up and shouts.*
Daisy: Ice cream? THIS late?
*Lucy trails behind her uneasily, her ears folded back.*

*Lucy notices someone rounding the corner.*

Mike: Ughh, DEAD END!
*Lucy looks worried.*

Author commentary

Veronica: Daze sure is down in the dumps.

I’ve always thought Paulo would be the type to give Daisy that kind of nickname, but I never thought it looked right in writing.. sounds like a bit of an insult, huh? “Daze” makes me think, like, dumb and oblivious, and Daisy is certainly not dumb. Maybe oblivious, but not dumb at all!

Either way, I guess Mike’s amazing hearing didn’t pay off this time!!! You didn’t have to be so dumb!

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Reader comments

Comment ID #529

Yeah… “Daze” makes her seem like a total airhead…

Gabriel Kaxbe January 21, 2010, 10:21 AM EST.

Comment ID #530

-agrees with Gabriel- It sure does. I can only picture Mike saying it while he’s drunk. Which is what this is here. But even in other situations, it just wouldn’t fit.

SereneHeaven January 21, 2010, 10:33 AM EST.

Comment ID #175001

While reading this an ice-cream truck came down my street. O.O

Riri July 31, 2011, 9:43 PM EDT.

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