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*Sue holds an index finger to her chin, plotting.*
Sue: Right. We should find a store, ask the clerk for directions, and go from there.
*Daisy is frowning. Mike smiles happily.*
Mike: Great!
*Lucy glares at him.*

*Sue looks back at the group.*
Sue: Does anyone have any money?

*Mike gingerly holds his hands behind his back.*
Mike: Sixty bucks. Is that enough for a taxi?
*Lucy folds her arms and looks to the side, annoyed.*
Lucy: Why don’t we just find a payphone, call your mom, and ask her to come pick us up?

*Sue looks at the pair blankly.*

Sue: That’s brilliant.

*Sue walks ahead.*
Sue: But we still need to ask someone for an address to give her, so..
*Lucy smirks at Mike.*
Lucy: I’m just happy to be cleaning up after MIKE’S mess.
*Mike glares black.*

*The group looks across the street. Brick buildings are dilapidated and in disrepair. A car is parked out front with its window shattered and tire deflated.*

Sue: Ugh, everything’s either closed or boarded up.
*Sue trudges onward. Behind her, Daisy clings to Mike’s arm, smiling cheerfully.*
Daisy: Mikie!!
*Mike looks at her shyly.*
Mike: Daisy.

*Daisy furrows her brow, slightly embarrassed.*
Daisy: If it’s too hard for you to get home tonight, wanna sleep over?
*Mike averts his eyes, disgruntled.*
Mike: No thanks.
Daisy: Aww, but it could be fun!

*Daisy clasps her hands together, pleading.*
Daisy: It doesn’t have to mean anything! We can study!

*Daisy’s smile falls.*
Mike: I’m sorry, no.

*Mike walks ahead. Daisy, looking sad, rushes to catch up.*
Daisy: Why not!
Mike: I’m not interested.
Daisy: I bet you’d go to LUCY’S house!
Mike: Yeah, well.

*Daisy pouts.*

Daisy: Why would you say that when she’s always so MEAN to you! Why can’t you accept that you’ve got NICER friends? You waste all this time on her because of some stupid feelings!
*Mike’s eyes widen in surprise.*

*He scowls.*

*Daisy reaches for Mike, but Mike angrily pushes Daisy away, leaving her dismayed.*
Mike: Me and my “stupid feelings” are none of your business!
*Sue slumps her shoulders and looks up, an incredulous smile on her face. Night has fallen, and stars are visible above the buildings and telephone poles.*
Sue: This place is a wasteland..

Author commentary

Veronica: It’s funny that Lucy asks Sue to call her mother, what about YOUR mother Lucy?? What about MIKE’S mother? Why not anyone else’s mother??

I guess it would be weird for Sue to call anyone else’s mother but her own, as it seems Sue wants to be the leader of the party. So it’s YOUR mother you need to call, Sue! Even though Lucy’s mother is a housewife so she has all the time in the world to take a two-hour drive out!

Oliver: Poor Daisy. She’s bearing her heart right here! But Mike’s not interested.

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Reader comments

Comment ID #504

i think daisy looks fine. you always draw them so great.

i love sues “….thats brilliant”
haha her face is priceless

im so looking foward to the rest of this….mostly when mike….actualy i dunno if i should say cuz some people prolly havent read the original…

hannah January 17, 2010, 9:59 AM EST.

Comment ID #5693

ouch…mike’s got claws

bored as hell April 19, 2010, 2:01 AM EDT.

Comment ID #127531

D’awww, Daisy can’t cut a break. I like the little accessories that each of the characters have.

Well, Paulo doesn’t ‘cause he looks different anyways. I need a gimmick-accessory…. >>

SushiJaguar November 17, 2010, 12:34 AM EST.

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