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[Caption: The only place that’s still open this late]
*The group walks into a dimly-lit bar. Two adult cats are playing a game of pool while an older dog watches. The dog smokes a cigarette, and the smoke clouds around the ceiling. Daisy fearfully covers her mouth with her hands. Mike looks around, worried. Paulo watches the pool players. Sue walks ahead, a blank look on her face.*

Sue: Eugh, this bar stinks..
*A man looks at Lucy and grins. He has his hand down the front of his pants.*
Man: Hey, cutie
*Lucy glances back, looking uncomfortable. She clutches her hands to her chest.*

*Sue walks up to the bar and looks up at the bartender, who is a dog.*
Sue: Um, excuse me?
*The bartender gives Sue a toothy grin as he polishes a glass.*
Bartender: I hope you brought a pretty convincing ID, sweetie.

*Sue waves a hand dismissively at the bartender, laughing.*
Sue: Oh, we’re not here to drink! I’m just hoping you could tell us where we are.
*Mike stares at a bowl of chocolates on the counter. A shadowy figure looms over him.*

Alejandro: Psst, green eyes…
*Mike turns away from the bowl and looks up.*

*The figure is a cat wearing a bandanna, raglan shirt and fingerless gloves. He grins at Mike.*
Alejandro: Like what ya see?
*Mike looks down at the chocolates, smiling awkwardly.*
Mike: Oh! Uh, I guess..
Alejandro: Want ’em?

*Mike scratches at the back of his head, smiling.*
Mike: I don’t think I can spend any money. My friends might need it for a taxi.

Alejandro: You’re a nice kid.
*Mike looks up at the stranger, surprised.*

*Alejandro smirks and leans on the table, resting his head on his hand.*
Alejandro: Tell ya what, eat them all in a minute, and I’ll give ya twenty bucks. If ya can’t, you pay me.

*Mike looks down at the bowl hesitantly.*
Mike: That’s a pretty big bowl..

*Alejandro raises a finger and smiles nonchalantly.*
Alejandro: It’s just a game. Give it a shot!

*Mike furrows his brow.*
Mike (thinking): Twenty bucks would be pretty nice to have..

*Mike smiles confidently, raising his fist.*
Mike (thinking): .. and I AM pretty hungry!

Author commentary

Veronica: Mike you are such an oblivious SUBURBAN WHITE BOY. How could you even remotely think this is a good idea!

Nice of the bartender to not immediately kick the kids out given they’re absolutely 100% underage, but maybe kicking them out would have prevented what’s going to happen.

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

Reader comments

Comment ID #520

are those the liquor bottle-shaped chocolates filled with actual liquors? they are quite delicious.
i’m a pansy and can only take like a couple of those cos i don’t like alcohol too much, lol

mike you are dumb.

aikuh January 19, 2010, 5:39 PM EST.

Comment ID #110187

Oh shit…

Mike do NOT eat those candies! I repeat, do NOT “give it a shot”! They may look like innocent chocolate pieces but notice the shape of them and the location you are in, they are NOT safe! Do NOT eat those candies! WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! DANGER! DANGER!

Sarge October 23, 2010, 11:06 PM EDT.

Comment ID #140087

Ahaha! I want to see what will happens in next minute! :D

MirrageNsk January 1, 2011, 5:47 PM EST.

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