14. Confrontation, original chapter posted 1/15/10

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*Alejandro smirks at Lucy.*
Alejandro: I’ll be honest, little girl. I didn’t even see you.

*Lucy smirks back, looking confident.*
Lucy: I wasn’t looking for your attention.

*Alejandro ogles Lucy’s body.*
Alejandro: Hmm.. Maybe you’d be good for more than cash..

*Lucy raises an eyebrow and grins, turning away slightly.*
Lucy: Umm.. Aren’t I a little young for you?

*Alejandro steps towards Lucy. Lucy shrinks away, suddenly looking unsure.*
Alejandro: What, you gonna call the cops?

*Lucy blushes slightly, covering her body with one arm.*

*Alejandro leers at her.*
Alejandro: It’s a good thing it’s just me right now.

Alejandro: Or else I might have had to fight my pal for a piece of this sweet little thing.
*He lifts Lucy’s chin with a finger. Lucy looks down at his hand, surprised.*

*Lucy smirks, looking up at Alejandro again with a satisfied grin.*

*Alejandro presses Lucy against the wall. Lucy puts a hand to his chest. They gaze at each other with flirtatious smiles.*
Lucy: You really think so?
Alejandro: Oh, I know it.

Lucy: And you want me all to yourself? ♥
*Lucy blushes and flutters her eyelashes.*
Alejandro: I’ll let your friends go home.. you can stay with me tonight ♥
*Alejandro lowers himself to Lucy’s level, looking satisfied.*

*Lucy opens an eye. Her brow furrows.*

*Pushing him back, Lucy kicks Alejandro directly in the crotch.*

Author commentary

Veronica: Lucy, you’re getting pretty unoriginal with your attacks!

She’s like those gamers that spam an unfair move on the opponent when playing fighter games. Then again there is the disadvantage that she’s so tiny.. so where else can she aim? She’s doing the best with her abilities.

Anyway uhh dude that is a child

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Reader comments

Comment ID #571

Low strike, XD!
Why lately all the fictional female characters use that jackpot kick?

Ana (aka Knux-the-Killer) January 29, 2010, 9:05 AM EST.

Comment ID #573

Lucy needs a sensei for the martial art of kick-people’s-ass-in-an-alley. The nut shot no jutsu can only work so often.

Gabriel Kaxbe January 29, 2010, 10:51 AM EST.

Comment ID #122526


Echo November 9, 2010, 11:03 PM EST.

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