14. Confrontation, original chapter posted 1/15/10

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*Sue stands at the bar and holds a cordless phone up to her ear. In the background, someone sits at a table reading a book.*
Sue: You’ll really drive out here? Oh, Mom, you’re the greatest! You sure? Yeah, we’re staying safe.. I’m sorry.

*Sue smiles affectionately.*
Sue: You’re a lifesaver! I love youuuu~

*She hands the phone back to the bartender, and they share a smile.*
Sue: Thanks so much for helping us!
Bartender: Not a problem. You take care, missy.

*Sue turns back to the rest of the group.*
Sue: Hey guys! My mom’s on her way!

*She freezes, smiling blankly.*

*Mike limply holds up a wad of cash. He’s flushed, drooling, and his eyes slip shut as he smiles.*
Mike: An’ ah made twenny bucksh.
*Sue yells furiously at him.*
Daisy: MIKE!!

*Lucy folds her arms, looking unimpressed.*
Lucy: Drunk on liqueur chocolates? Who’da thought he’d be such a lightweight.
*Daisy shouts at her, her fur standing on end.*

*Mike hugs Sue, smushing his face into the side of her head.*
Mike: Why dunnwe hire a limo??
*Sue tries to back away, looking horrified.*
Sue: What are you doing

*Sue smiles at the bartender, awkwardly waving as they leave the bar.*
Sue: Ummm, thanks again!
*Mike throws both his hands up in the air and waves eagerly.*
Mike: Byeeeeeee..
*The bartender smiles back, uneasy.*

*Alejandro sits at the bar, resting his head on his fists and smiling. To his right is a tall drink; to his left is the bowl Mike emptied out. Behind him is a dog in a white ringer t-shirt, grinning nefariously.*

*Alejandro’s smile twists into a sinister smirk.*

Author commentary

Veronica: Athletic super-runner Maishul has the stamina of a little canary when it comes to the alcoholic candy, I suppose.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he ate the wrappers as well.


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Reader comments

Comment ID #523

sue’s face on panel 6 is THE most scariest i’ve seen of her ever, but so what if mikes drunk he’s more fun that way i thought.

dibs January 20, 2010, 6:18 AM EST.

Comment ID #114343

they’re standard thugs. seen a few of those types in real life, they usually have one track minds. been in a few fights with them, got a couple scars and a broken nose cause of it, they aren’t that bad though, it’s the leaders of groups like that who are the really scary to deal with.

strider0075 October 30, 2010, 8:42 AM EDT.

Comment ID #140680

He’s actually not that much of a lightweight, considering the body-mass of a middle-schooler and the sheer number that he drank.

Techhead January 6, 2011, 7:54 PM EST.

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