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Author commentary

Veronica: I am really happy with the fire effect in the first panel.

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Reader comments

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The issue isn’t the fact that Mike saves Lucy this one time and suddenly hates her because of it… if you remember from the actual comic/part this storyline was in, Mike hated coming back to see Lucy all over Paulo. He felt that if Lucy could move on from him SO quickly and SO easily, than he obviously meant nothing to her. This is his own stubbornness that mirrors Lucy’s (the same stubbornness that makes her refuse her feelings for him through these words).

He didn’t see that it was so painful for her that she had to cling to someone in order to stay in one piece, even though she was breaking down inside.

Silversoma November 28, 2012, 12:14 AM EST.

Comment ID #233374

Wow…. If this isn’t a blast from the emotional past.

Now, I sympathize with Mike, partly because I know people are going to attack him for his sudden change of heart. But another part totally because he just had a near-death experience (as-in, he believed he was going to die) completely for Lucy. Then, miraculously, he’s alright, but Lucy by all appearances has moved on to Paulo, using him for comfort. So yeah, he’s going to feel a little bit betrayed. I feel for that.

I totally understand Lucy’s side of it too: As far as she knows, her best friend and long-time crush just died to keep her from doing so. Talk about survivor’s guilt. Paulo provides her a much-needed shoulder to cry on at the time, and she takes full advantage of that. It’s not that she’d moved on from Mike, or even wanted to as far as I can see - she just wasn’t sure how to handle it. Naturally, she ran toward comfort.

Unfortunately, Mike can’t understand her point of view, because he underestimates how much he means to her. It’s no one’s fault, (aren’t I the mediator) just a lack of vital communication.


All said and done, excellent work Taeshi. Really enjoy the comic, and can’t wait to see the conclusion of this chapter. Sure you’ll blow us away, on par with the usual.

Zero November 28, 2012, 12:52 AM EST.

Comment ID #233382

So, this is where Mike begins to change into the “jerk” everyone talks about.
It’s great that Mike decided, for whatever reason after nearly dying, to stop “taking it” from Lucy (at this stage, he also becomes more confrontational with Paulo as well), but he doesn’t need to be a d-bag about it. Instead of just feeling bad for “poor little me”, maybe he should man up and-what’s this?-ask why Lucy is acting so rough? *gasp* Maybe he should try this thing called communication and reasoning? I heard sentient beings are really good at this. Maybe he should ask her to stop, instead of smiling like an idiot every time she beats him?
Funny thing is, Mike is acting a whole lot like Lucy. He’s selectively being a stone-walling jerk, feeling bad for himself, and trying to act like everything is okay. While Lucy idolizes him, he idolizes Sandy and by this standard, both of them place everyone else in the background.
The only difference is that he’s a guy, has gray fur, and green eyes, but besides that he’s reflecting the behaviors he dislikes in Lucy. All he needs to do now is beat people and he’ll be exactly like Lucy.

Blank On Purpose November 28, 2012, 2:05 AM EST.

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