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Guest of Honor — Page 23



*Paulo grabs Daisy by the wrist.*

*Paulo pulls Daisy towards the booth.*
Paulo: C’mon, I’ll be with you.
*Daisy shouts frantically.*
Daisy: Aaaa! Aaaa!!

*Daisy groans as Paulo walks her to the booth.*
Daisy: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

*Paulo approaches the author, who has a cheese puff in his mouth.*
Paulo: Yo.

Paulo: My friend here…
*Paulo gestures to Daisy. Daisy turns pink.*

Paulo: …is a HUGE fan of.. the thing you do.
*Daisy covers her eyes.*

Author: That’s very kind of her to come see me! I love the dress!
Paulo: Can you sign her book?
Author: Sure!

Paulo: Get your book.
*Daisy pulls out a book from her bag.*

*Daisy, frazzled, accidentally drops the book.*

Paulo: She’s real nervous.
*Daisy bends down to grab the book.*
Daisy: AAAA

Author commentary

Oliver: Take it easy.

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

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