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*Mike holds onto Paulo’s arm as they leave the restroom.*

*Mike looks to Paulo, worried.*

*Paulo smiles, attempting to reassure Mike.*
Paulo: I’ll be fine.

*Mike and Paulo watch as Daisy talks to their friends. Abbey is beside them.*
Daisy: And after that, he got them to say…

*Daisy makes a menacing sharp-toothed grin, imitating the voice actors.*
Daisy: Is that you, Evil Time Master Davidtron? You’re not getting away with her!
*Stacy smiles, thrilled to hear the story.*

Stacy: Oh my God!
Stacy: That’s, like, my show!!
*Paulo folds his arms and smiles, watching Daisy fondly. Mike notices.*

Sue: I can’t believe you were into that.

Stacy: Why not!!
Sue: Have you seen it recently?
*Abbey glances in Paulo’s direction.*

Sue: It did NOT age well!
*Paulo awkwardly looks away. Mike notices Paulo’s change in demeanor.*

Author commentary

Oliver: Bwah hah hah, generic cartoon villain.

Again, this is sort of based on our own experiences seeing various voice acting celebrities at cons. If I’m not mistaken, there is a voice clip out there of Yami Yugi singing the praises of Bittersweet Candy Bowl. (OUR FRIEND ASKED FOR IT, NOT US OK.)

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

Comments from around the web

Whoa, Mike’s not dumb, he can see what’s going on there! Abbey better watch out, Mike’s gonna turn the frost on him and make him suffer! Or worse, he’ll tell Daisy about finding Paulo hurt by Abbey in the bathroom. Personally, I want Abbey to suffer. Maybe it’ll humble him, make him less of a JERK!

Tumblr: zonerobotnik September 17, 2015

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