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*Mike holds onto Paulo’s arm as they leave the restroom.*

*Mike looks to Paulo, worried.*

*Paulo smiles, attempting to reassure Mike.*
Paulo: I’ll be fine.

*Mike and Paulo watch as Daisy talks to their friends. Abbey is beside them.*
Daisy: And after that, he got them to say…

*Daisy makes a menacing sharp-toothed grin, imitating the voice actors.*
Daisy: Is that you, Evil Time Master Davidtron? You’re not getting away with her!
*Stacy smiles, thrilled to hear the story.*

Stacy: Oh my God!
Stacy: That’s, like, my show!!
*Paulo folds his arms and smiles, watching Daisy fondly. Mike notices.*

Sue: I can’t believe you were into that.

Stacy: Why not!!
Sue: Have you seen it recently?
*Abbey glances in Paulo’s direction.*

Sue: It did NOT age well!
*Paulo awkwardly looks away. Mike notices Paulo’s change in demeanor.*

Author commentary

Oliver: Bwah hah hah, generic cartoon villain.

Again, this is sort of based on our own experiences seeing various voice acting celebrities at cons. If I’m not mistaken, there is a voice clip out there of Yami Yugi singing the praises of Bittersweet Candy Bowl. (OUR FRIEND ASKED FOR IT, NOT US OK.)

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

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Is Mike realizing something really wrong happened or is he putting together the wrong puzzle pieces

Tumblr: fiver26 September 16, 2015

Tumblr image
Is THAT a SPHINX in thos God Forsaken Webcomic, I’m going to smile the rest of the week because of this tactonic event that had enacted in this 1 chapter that i will favor forever

Tumblr: redfoxling September 16, 2015

Tumblr image
sorry this is kinda big
bcb doodles from the past number of months

Tumblr: furrygarbage September 16, 2015

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