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*Daisy sadly watches Paulo fade into the crowd behind her.*

*Paulo, looking upset, is barely visible among the other congoers.*
Sue: Thank GOD.

*Daisy watches Paulo leave with a worried look.*

*Sue smugly chats to Mike, who is walking beside her.*
Sue: At least he won’t screw up my panel, right?
*Mike frowns.*

Mike: Don’t be a jerk.
*Sue freezes up.*

*Sue looks at Mike, mortified.*

*A long-haired dog sits at the panel’s table next to McCain. She yells at Sue.*
Panel host: Where WERE you? We start at 4!
*Sue and Stacy shamefully walk onstage. Amaya follows them.*

*Mike, visibly upset, sits in the audience. Abbey takes a seat next to him.*

*Abbey looks over his shoulder, concerned.*
Abbey: Where’s Daisy?

Author commentary

Oliver: I feel a little bad for Sue, lately. But Mike’s not wrong. Paulo was a good boy this con!

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This panel looks more popular than the lot of the fan run panels I have been to.

Tumblr: splee36 September 23, 2015

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Practicing expressions w Lucy!

Tumblr: redfoxling September 23, 2015

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