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*Daisy holds out a red, blue and yellow plastic Power Saber.*
Daisy: Seriously, have it!
*Paulo’s hands shake as he reaches to grab the saber.*

Daisy: You’re more of a fan than I ever was.
*Paulo’s eyes widen as he stares at the Power Saber.*

*Daisy’s mom stands in the doorway.*
Daisy’s mom: You sure you don’t want a ride home?
Paulo: I’m good. I know the walk.

*Paulo scratches behind his neck.*
Paulo: I guess it’s getting late.
Daisy: Mm.

*Paulo and Daisy stand in awkward silence.*

*Daisy hugs Paulo.*
Daisy: Thanks for such a great day..
*Paulo is startled and blushes.*

*Paulo slides his way out of Daisy’s hug, startling her.*
Paulo: Hey, same!

*Paulo salutes Daisy while tapping her doorframe with the Power Saber.*
Paulo: Let the power be with you!
*Daisy smiles at him, playing with her curls.*

Author commentary

Veronica: what a loser

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

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Why do I feel like Abbey’s creeping ass is outside…..?

Tumblr: touchfeeltastelove October 1, 2015

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