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Daisy: Aww, really?
*Daisy and Mike look sad. Abbey looks at him with a slightly warning expression.*

*Paulo shrugs awkwardly.*
Paulo: You seriously think I’d sit through one of Sue’s lectures?
*Sue grits her teeth.*

*Daisy approaches Paulo.*
Daisy: Is something wrong?
*Paulo tenses up and raises his arms.*
Paulo: bluh

Daisy: You seem kinda--
*Daisy reaches toward Paulo, who backs away from her, unnerved.*

Abbey: DAISY.
*Daisy, shocked, turns to Abbey. Paulo flinches.*

Abbey: We’re gonna be late.
*Mike looks at Abbey with suspicion.*
Daisy: Oh..

*Daisy looks back at Paulo, worried.*
Daisy: But..

*Paulo smiles and waves to Daisy.*
Paulo: I’ll be fine. See ya later.

Daisy: Okay..
*Daisy frowns. Abbey glares back at Paulo.*

Daisy: See ya..
*Daisy fades into the crowd of congoers.*

Author commentary

Oliver: Don’t stand so close to me!

I guess that’s it, huh, Daisy?

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

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mmmmmmmmmmmm i wanna murder

Tumblr: kiradood5 September 21, 2015

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