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*Paulo holds his neck, choking from Abbey’s attack.*

*Paulo collapses to his knees.*

Abbey: Stay away from her.
*Paulo starts breathing heavily.*

*Abbey looms over Paulo menacingly.*
Abbey: I know the kind of person you are.

Abbey: Taking advantage of any girl who even LOOKS your way.
*Paulo shakes and sheds a tear, still struggling.*

*He looks up at Abbey nervously.*
Abbey: On to the next, and on to the next.. I’m not letting it happen to her.

Author commentary


Yeah, you think he didn’t notice? Ohh, Abbey noticed.

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

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(via ) Abbey what the shit?!? I thought you didnt want to be your dad

Tumblr: fiver26 September 4, 2015

I had liked Abbey because I can understand where he is coming from a lot of the times. But you do not attack anyone like this for any reason. This is crossing a line and hope it blow up in Abbey’s face because Abbey has been trying to push Paulo away from Daisy for a long time. The thing is, they are childhood friends. It’s not going to happen because Daisy is her own cat. She knows Paulo like Paulo knows her. 
Another thing, Paulo isn’t coughing. Usually after something like that you cough pretty violently. If you aren’t then you can’t breath. I really hope that Paulo is okay. Or that Mike comes in to see what is going on. Not happy with this situation at all.

Tumblr: tinyowlstar September 4, 2015

Tumblr image
the ultimate plot twist
fresh from wikileaks

Tumblr: bittersweetcandyanalysis September 4, 2015

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