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*Paulo holds his neck, choking from Abbey’s attack.*

*Paulo collapses to his knees.*

Abbey: Stay away from her.
*Paulo starts breathing heavily.*

*Abbey looms over Paulo menacingly.*
Abbey: I know the kind of person you are.

Abbey: Taking advantage of any girl who even LOOKS your way.
*Paulo shakes and sheds a tear, still struggling.*

*He looks up at Abbey nervously.*
Abbey: On to the next, and on to the next.. I’m not letting it happen to her.

Author commentary


Yeah, you think he didn’t notice? Ohh, Abbey noticed.

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abbey thinks furries are gross

Tumblr: shadow-sushi September 5, 2015

Tumblr image
some bcb fanart that i’ve done (recently and not so recently)

Tumblr: box316 September 6, 2015

Paulo isn’t really a bad guy, I know. He may take it a little too far, sometimes, but I like to think he means well. Even if this is canon, I don’t think Abbey would have done that. He was talking to Daisy before, so he would know everything was fine. besides, Paulo and Daisy are childhood friends and Paulo is sexually confused anyway. everyone figured out about him, Rachel, and jess, and that he learned from it, so, information-wise, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Also to add that Abbey doesn’t want to hurt people to start with, and given what info he’s collected on Paulo from others, he’d have a little more lenience. Also, for continuity, literally NO restroom would be empty during a con, Taeshi. EVER. It’s just not a thing. this scene logically couldn’t happen, because of what Abbey knows, and that there should be a LOT of people to keep him from doing that anyway, as they’re trying to piss.

Tumblr: abbeyslilkits September 6, 2015

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