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*Abbey and Daisy laugh together in the foreground. Sue looks at them fondly.*
Sue: Well..

*Sue turns to Paulo.*
Sue: At least they can nerd out together, huh?

*Paulo looks at Sue blankly.*
Paulo: You look ridiculous.
*Sue blushes and angrily squints at Paulo.*

*Sue pouts, frustrated. Paulo leans past her to talk to Mike.*
Paulo: How come you’re not dressed up, Mike?

Mike: We’re meant to be cosplaying our OCs from the online game we play..
*Mike blushes slightly.*

*Paulo grins.*
Paulo: The one where you’re a girl?

*Mike glares at Paulo.*

*Paulo grins even wider.*

Author commentary

Oliver: ha haaaaaaa

paulo talking to sue here is my favourite part of the chapter

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

Comments from around the web

Paulo’s face in the last panel is absolutely the best face I’ve ever seen.

Tumblr: coover55 August 28, 2015

Fan art…yay!
The two shaded versions have one singular difference. The shiny bits of the eyes.
Based off of Mike from bittersweetcandybowl. His scarf made me think of him as a ninja.

Tumblr: jordanarodriguez August 29, 2015

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