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*A vendor with glasses points to his left.*
Vendor: Oh, he’s just up there!
Daisy: Thank you!
*Paulo watches a congoer carrying an anime girl body pillow.*

Vendor: Love the dress!
*Daisy blushes and smiles.*

*Daisy squishes her hands to her cheeks.*
Daisy: So many people like my outfit!
*Paulo smiles.*
Paulo: Of course they would, it’s cute!

*Daisy sparkles and her eyes twinkle.*

Daisy: Y-you think so?
*Paulo sweats.*
Paulo: Why wouldn’t I?..

*A purple dog in cosplay shouts out to Daisy.*
Purple dog: CLAAAAA-RET!!

Purple dog: Can I get you to come see my friend? She’s cosplaying Claret tomorrow and…
*Daisy smiles, confused.*
Daisy: Uh, sure!

*The purple dog pulls Daisy away into the distance. Daisy frowns and shrugs at Paulo, who just stands there.*

Author commentary

Oliver: Back when Veronica attended a few cons (back in Australia, Animania represent!) in cosplay this was a little bit of a common experience. Although Vero’s characters were rarely as popular as Daisy’s character seems to be. Nobody has any respect for Kotonoha and Alicia desu.

Thanks for the warm reception at ConnectiCon! We love you all! Con month continues with a virtual con this weekend — don’t forget our next big Patreon stream is this weekend, starting with Friday’s update. Pledge and come along to the stream for a chance at your very own little drawing! And maybe we’ll entertain you.

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