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Guest of Honor — Page 10



*Daisy approaches the admission table.*
Ticket vendor: Enjoy the show!
Daisy: Thank you!

*The ticket vendor waves at Daisy as she leaves.*
Ticket vendor: By the way, awesome Claret!
*Daisy’s eyes sparkle.*
Daisy: R-really?

*Daisy and Paulo walk together down a somewhat crowded hallway. Daisy happily holds her hands to her cheeks.*
Daisy: He recognized me!
Paulo: You do kinda stick out like a sore thumb.

*A yellow dog approaches Daisy with a camera.*
Photographer: O-M-G! Claret! Can I get a picture?
*Daisy shyly looks back.*
Daisy: Huh? Uh, sure!

*Daisy awkwardly smiles for the photo.*

Photographer: You’re sooo cute! Thank you!
*Daisy holds a hand behind her head.*
Daisy: Welcome!

*A fellow cosplayer wearing a yellow and teal bodysuit with a clear skirt calls to Daisy.*
Muscadet: Well, if it isn’t that pesky Claret!
*Daisy turns around, excited to see a related character.*

*Daisy and Muscadet grab each others’ hands and yell happily.*
Daisy and Muscadet: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

*Paulo stares at them, confused. In the bottom right corner of the panel, a random congoer “recognises” Paulo.*
Random congoer: Tails?

Author commentary

Oliver: Man, Sonic fans ruin every con.

Thank you for coming out to see us at Anime Expo! We’re spending one last day exploring Los Santos before Trevor comes to torture us and put us on a plane home xD

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