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*Paulo waits at the bus stop. Standing near him are two congoers, one of which is cosplaying as Batman.*

*The two congoers loudly argue next to Paulo.*
Nerd 1: Once you’re on land, he’s toast. What’s he gonna do, command the lobsters at a seafood restaurant?
Nerd 2: Uh, actually, he’s proportionally as strong as Supes.

Nerd 2: Mess with him, you’re ruined.
Nerd 1: You can’t be serious. Slice him in half with heat vision, insta-kill.
*Paulo watches the argument in disbelief.*

Nerd 2: He controls WATER. His hand could drain all the moisture from your body and leave you a withered corpse.
Nerd 1: That cannot be true [The rest of the conversation is covered up by Paulo’s speech bubble.]
*Paulo facepalms.*
Paulo: oh please don’t get on my bus

Daisy: You know, I could get my mom to take us home.
*Paulo opens his eyes in surprise.*

*He turns and jumps upon seeing Daisy, who leans towards him with her hands behind her back.*
Paulo: Daisy?!

*Paulo nervously looks behind Daisy.*
Paulo: Is Abbey--
*Daisy points back to the convention.*
Daisy: They’re all at the panel.

Daisy: Besides, it wasn’t Abbey who took me out today, was it?

*Daisy smiles, pleasantly.*
Paulo: Yeah..
*Paulo looks uneasy.*

Author commentary

Oliver: What ever will we do with nerds.

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

Comments from around the web

Wouldn’t it be funny if the bus that showed up was the bus with the same exact driver that kicked Paulo and Lucy off when she threw up on the bus?

Tumblr: splee36 September 25, 2015

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