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*Paulo waits at the bus stop. Standing near him are two congoers, one of which is cosplaying as Batman.*

*The two congoers loudly argue next to Paulo.*
Nerd 1: Once you’re on land, he’s toast. What’s he gonna do, command the lobsters at a seafood restaurant?
Nerd 2: Uh, actually, he’s proportionally as strong as Supes.

Nerd 2: Mess with him, you’re ruined.
Nerd 1: You can’t be serious. Slice him in half with heat vision, insta-kill.
*Paulo watches the argument in disbelief.*

Nerd 2: He controls WATER. His hand could drain all the moisture from your body and leave you a withered corpse.
Nerd 1: That cannot be true [The rest of the conversation is covered up by Paulo’s speech bubble.]
*Paulo facepalms.*
Paulo: oh please don’t get on my bus

Daisy: You know, I could get my mom to take us home.
*Paulo opens his eyes in surprise.*

*He turns and jumps upon seeing Daisy, who leans towards him with her hands behind her back.*
Paulo: Daisy?!

*Paulo nervously looks behind Daisy.*
Paulo: Is Abbey--
*Daisy points back to the convention.*
Daisy: They’re all at the panel.

Daisy: Besides, it wasn’t Abbey who took me out today, was it?

*Daisy smiles, pleasantly.*
Paulo: Yeah..
*Paulo looks uneasy.*

Author commentary

Oliver: What ever will we do with nerds.

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

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hoo hoo ha ha whoops cats

Drew characters from Bittersweet Candy Bowl. Read it, it’s neat.

Tumblr: migbird September 27, 2015

daisy’s bday is TOMORROW can u believe it

Tumblr: redfoxling September 27, 2015

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