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Guest of Honor — Page 31



*Paulo stands before his friends, silent.*

*He breaks into laughter.*
Paulo: PFF
*Sue and Stacy blush, both aggravated. Mike and Abbey glare at him while Amaya smiles nervously.*

Sue: Don’t you laugh! I’d like to see you in cosplay!
*Abbey looks warily past Paulo.*
Abbey: Is that..

*Paulo covers his mouth, stifling laughter.*
Paulo: Now I remember why I’d never come--

Daisy: Oh, here you are!
*Paulo freezes as Daisy calls for him.*

Daisy: Abbey?!
*Daisy shouts in surprise, blushing deeply. Abbey, also blushing, shoves Sue and Mike out of the way to see Daisy.*
Abbey: DAISY?!

Author commentary

Oliver: tfw no gf in matching cosplay

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

Comments from around the web

Abbey must’ve finished early, also, when he finds out about daisy lying to him about “studying”. Also, Paulo dies at that moment. RIP PAULO. btw Amaya’s costume reminds me of megaman, kinda

Tumblr: abbeyslilkits August 24, 2015

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