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Veronica: There was a bit of extra dialogue in the “she could still come back” line originally, about how her family is still around so that can surely mean she still has a home to come back to.

BUT IT FELT A BIT TOO WORDY, oh well it’s here at least. It should be assumed anyway because of the fact Jordan rejected an invitation to Rachel’s party. So that means Jordan is still around!!

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And everyone thought it would be a flashback! HA!

But yeah, I’m glad the two of them are reconciling, and Paulo is getting his mitigated frustration out with the various bops. These two need to cry, need to let out their troubles.

Thats quite the bold statement there, Paulo. You caused alot of harm to Lucy as well, you slept around with random girls when she trusted you. You may have a tougher time than you think you will. How can she trust you when you whored yourself out to two girls, then just jumped straight into a relationship with a Freshman? Then, when Lucy is gone, you just latch back onto Rachel. I know you are dealing with shit and this may be you coping, but damn man.

Mike, you looking a bit worried there. Are you actually feeling something for Lucy again? Do you want to be with her now? But what about Sandy? Which one do you really want? Or are you just becoming protective again, worried that Paulo may fall and break Lucy’s heart again? Hmmmm, I cannot be sure…..

Also, oooooh, Rachel….you got some esplainin to do! Whats with all these crying, drunk kids?

Zionus November 29, 2013, 1:07 PM EST.

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You know I love how everyone keeps saying Paulo slept with “a bunch of girls” when in reality he only slept with 2 one of them being Rachel herself. Then he settled for Jasmine knowing that deep down he still had feelings for Lucy so he broke it off granted not in the most mature way or for the most mature reason but he still broke it off to try and be with the girl he actually had feelings for. A few pages back Rachel even admitted it that it was complicated between her and Paulo and (in the last chapter….or the chapter before that i forgot) she even consoled him while he was grieving meaning she knew she was setting herself up to be the rebound girl and (at least at face value) is ok with that. And I feel that people are giving Paulo the short end of the stick here by calling him a manslut / tomslut and such because first and foremost they’re high schoolers. It is extremely rare that a high schooler be it boy or girl will stick to a single relationship all 4 years of their high school career. Saying he doesn’t deserve to be with lucy cause of that is like saying he doesn’t deserve to be happy cause of a past mistake… and done with my rant.

Luna November 29, 2013, 1:55 PM EST.

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As a woman, lemme tell you all something really awesome. Girls and teenagers, play “hard-to-get” games with boys. Women, and other actual adults, DO talk about their feelings with their current partner or spouse.

I have this sort of relationship with the guy I currently have dated for about a year. We don’t scream. We don’t yell. We get to the point and talk about all our concerns and emotions and fears. We talk about us, careers, money, the future, marriage, knowing that’s where we will end up if we both stay together. I have other friends who share similar stories with their engaged partners or spouses.

Anyone who assumes all women never tell a guy how she feels have been dating/attracting immature women. I don’t care how long you have been dating because you’ve been dating women at the emotional maturity level of a giggling teenager.

And I’m sorry for whoever you guys are because you are missing out on a mature romantic relationship. #^_^#
For the record, Rachel is not a woman. She hasn’t gotten to a stable point like this yet which is why she can’t just tell Paulo. That’d be the mature thing to do, talk about it with him. And that’s okay. ;) She’s still learning. She’s only 16.

Lickit&stickit November 29, 2013, 11:55 PM EST.

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